Monday, November 18, 2013

Nations Unite to Save Lives Campaign

We can do MORE!

The recent disaster that hits the country received an overwhelming response from other nations around the globe. A tragic thing has led many people to be as one. Despite the controversies in the government agencies, people outside the Philippines never ceases to help in times like this. When I watched the news about the Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan victims, I just stared and feel the feeling of a heartbreaking survivor staring at his surroundings with no one to hang on to. I don't need to enumerate everything and relive the saddening parts in this tragedy, I just want to help them, the survivors.

Last week, I posted on our village that we accept donations for the victims of Typhoon Yolanda, and it will be forwarded to GMA Kapuso foundation, because a friend of mine works there. She, together with her families and friends exerted much effort to pick up donations at different locations in the metro. Ours was picked up last Friday, and was forwarded Sunday to GMA via loaded truck of donations. It is a great feeling to have extended help to our needy kababayans, and because of this, I am launching a campaign to get more help and to provide more to the survivors. Thank you so much Nena Celle Dumol for the initiative to help others.

I really wanted to help Typhoon Yolanda victims and this is one way I can think of that hopefully would have a positive response.

I created a Teespring campaign, it's just a simple design which you can see here.

Originally the creative and touching design made by my cousin Jenny Labit, from Daly City California, was the one I am trying to upload on Teespring, but due to the very good quality, high resolution and multiple vivid colors, Teespring was unable to capture it and so sad they haven't replied to my inquiry yet. Giving me first a failed hope in extending my help. But then I thought, maybe it really isn't meant to be like that, so I decided to browse on the net and found this Philippine flag under 'free philippine flag photos', place it on my tee design, posted my credits on the campaign description so as not to infringe on any copyright

Now, my Nations Unite tee campaign is launched, and will run for 10 days, ending November 28, 2013. If successfully after 10 days,  50 shirts minimum required to be printed are ordered, we will give all proceeds to buy food, bottled water, blankets, mats and even tents if response will be overwhelming. Basic tee price with print is $13.70 (Hanes) so the excess which is $10 multiplied by the number of shirts which will be bought from Teespring will all be forwarded to the Eastern Visayas region survivors of the typhoon.

We will provide transparent updates so you will know where your help has been forwarded.

Please help this spread on your Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks. Help us Help them.

Thank you in advance. Wishing hardly for this to be a successful campaign.

Proceed to this link for the campaign:  you may copy and paste it on your sharing wall/timeline/tweet.

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