Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The First PAPA CHALUPA in the Metro - A Must-try Mexican Gourmet

It was my third time to taste this delicious pita bread-like, crunchy on the edges, spicy and flavorful Mexican gourmet and I know there will be a fourth and more to come.

my first try, Acapulco.
Thanks to my dear friend Marylaine Viernes, introduced it to me and she brought one home,
oops my bad, she brought two LOL
Mary told me that the quality may not be as fresh as that from the store and
she's right, it's a bit soggy but the taste is soooo gooood
that's why I made a second attempt. This time it's in the actual store (",)

For those who want to try their foodie, the store is located at the back of LTO area,
near the kids play area, inPlaytables I think is the name.

Papa Chalupa is located at SM Center at Barangay Ugong Pasig City, near Tiendesitas. This is their first and only branch so far. The food server told me they will have a new branch coming earlier next year at SM Megamall. This will be a hit for sure. I can feel it hehe. If you love nachos and tacos with spicy sauces, then you have to try this. It comes in Beef and Chicken flavor. You can choose if you want a classic one or spicy in every bite or even spicier to the chilli bones hahaha. They have their homemade hot sauce intended for their Chalupas only.

They prepare the fresh dough, knead and fry it here for about 3minutes.

We ordered Beef and Chicken Chipotle (chi-pot-lei) not potel hehe that's how I pronounced it, 
good thing I asked for the right pronunciation

my dear hubby modeling for me. 
He has no idea that I uploaded this here hahah lagot

asking for more cheeeeeeesssssse

There it goes, ready to eat Papa Chalupa bites

Photos taken yesterday only.
And this morning when I picked up my husband's driver's license at LTO, I dropped by and bought two beef chipotle to-go.
I told the food server to not place it in a plastic sandwich bag because I want it fresh and crunchy, 
so for my 15-minute drive from SM Hypermarket, with matching traffic, I reached our village and still the Chalupas are crunchy to eat...yipee! thanks to the paper bags. LOL

So if you happen to passed by Tiendesitas area, drop by at 
Papa Chalupa and have your taste buds enjoy the deliciousness!!!

Happy Eating!

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