Friday, April 18, 2014

Make a Book about your Favorite Person and You Could Win $2500

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Got any favorite person in mind? Any individual would do, be it your spouse, or your kid, or your Mom and Dad or a celebrity. Do you know that if you create a photo book of your favorite person, you could win $2500?

Yes definitely a yes!!!

A photo book of your Favorite Person together with some kind and inspiring words that would describe him might give you a chance to win $2500. There will be seven categories which means there are seven chances to win. You can enter once per category.

If you wish to purchase what you have created, there is a 30% discount per book made, just use this code upon checkout MYFAVORITE.

Hurry! Entry must be submitted before April 28 and May 31. The 30% discount is valid until May 31.

Aside from the promo for your favorite person, other books made with Blurb are entitled to a 15% discount.

Create one now!

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