Wednesday, April 9, 2014

What is Innocence in Time book all about?

Unaware of the possibilities before that this time would come, that this time would create (hopefully) a brighter writing career for me.

As a full time mom, writing is just a spare-time alternate option for me to do. I just realized that since elementary days I am writing whenever it feels like doing it. Most of it are poems, trying to compose a song, got a tune already and forget everything again. I remember also that I have 2 mini notebooks and fillers in college days where I used to write my songs and ideas. They are all gone. Burnt. :(

No time for sadness here hihihi. I have created what I call my passion.

Creating stories seems to be my best friend for life. I know I have a wide imagination and I think most of you are too. Jotting downs ideas helped me made it into one great story, creating another world out of the known world.

Innocence in Time is a short fictional story with a strong personality. Imagine a 70-pages with 7000plus words in a  5 x 8 book size would have a content of a century. Hmmm exciting?

Here's more, the twists of the story is not what you have ever thought of. Well, let me know if we have the same thinking that at one point you knew who the evil witch was...then we can create a book together. That's a promise.

In this fairy tale continued story, twelve princes from different kingdoms were captured by an angry evil witch. They have changed mankind's history and was forgotten as decades passed by. Until a grown-up Tatiana Rose, seemingly ordinary girl but with a secret past that she never knew. Unlocking each revelation of the past, together with her best friend Blaise and adopted mother Priscilla Faye, Tatiana Rose discovers the truth and with it a challenge of life and death.

Intriguing huh? Find out who the evil witch is and also Tatiana Rose's fate in the end.

Please do buy Innocence in Time. Available in more than 30 online bookstores including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Adlibris and my favorite You can get it on paperback, e-book and Kindle copy.

For US, UK and Canada book lovers, Bookwhirl can assist you in buying the book.

For Philippine residents, you may order here Innocence in Time

For book owners of Innocence in Time here in the Philippines, there will be a Book Launching and Signing at SM Center Pasig on April 13, 2014 at 4PM. I am inviting everyone to come and celebrate this wonderful event in my life and indeed the start of a dream coming true. It will be a successful celebration if you will be coming too.

SM Center Pasig Book Launching
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and know more about the book and Tatiana Rose.

Title:  Innocence in Time 
Genre: Fiction, Short Story
Audience: 11 years old and up
Price:  P190.00
A Very Brief  Description: A fairy tale continued. (",) lol

See you all there!!!

Period: April 20 - May 25, 2014

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