Wednesday, May 14, 2014

(Full Video) One of my favorite KPOP group is in town - Interview with Sandara Park

2NE1 will be having a concert here in the Philippines on May 17th at the SM MOA Arena... As usual, I'll just be here, dreaming of watching them sing their famous songs- I Love You, Ugly, Hate You, Fire and I Don't Ca-e-e-e-e-errr LOL

Aigoo (",)
Sandara's ulzzang (best face)

Anyway, our dear Sandara Park, the Pambansang Krung-Krung (I don't know what it means hihihi) was interviewed by Kris Aquino and Boy Abunda on their late night show at ABS-CBN... Sandara Park never changed, she's still the soft spoken, humble girl we once knew. I really admire her. I wish I could meet her one day and of course the whole 2NE1 group.

Sorry for the slight shaky video, I just recorded it through my Note3 with my son jumping on the bed Lol.

If you are unable to open Youtube, you may click here

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How about you, who is your favorite KPop group?


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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

And then, there's ELSA in Once Upon a Time

photo taken from Once Upon a Time Official Facebook page

Who wouldn't want to keep up with Once Upon a Time when Frozen's Elsa invades the scene?

For all the Frozen fans, including me, this is a dream come true... a true-to-life Elsa.

Watch this video and for sure you'll wait for the next episodes of Once Upon a Time.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Professional Teeth Whitening by Concepcion Dental Clinic

Recently I had a pre-Mother's Day treat by a kind and thoughtful dentist Dra. Celanie Concepcion. When I entered her dental clinic, I was wowed by how gorgeous the set up is. It is very different from the outside, where the building facilities seem to be still under construction.

I was greeted by her assistant at the reception area. It was so cozy and and has very home-like ambiance. With a sofa on the left and a small chair before entering the room where the procedure is being done. Loved it.
Reception Area

Dra. Lani and I had a quick chat about her clinic and her profession.
She graduated from the College of Dentistry at Centro Escolar University (my alma mater) which everyone knows is the best when it comes to Dentistry courses. 

Dra. Celanie Concepcion DMD
Member of the Philippine Dental Association (PDA)
and International Association for Orthodontics (IAO)
photo taken from her social media profile

Dra. Lani's first dental job was at the famous Dental City. From there she gained loyal clients who were very satisfied with her services and even followed her until now that she has her own dental clinic. She's practicing this profession for more than 8 years.

Conception Dental Clinic and Teeth Whitening Center is located in the heart of the busy 32nd Street Fort Bonifacio Global City, 2nd Floor of F1 Hotel.
It's just walking distance from the newly opened 4D theater near Bonifacio High Street.

comfy dental chair

I went there primarily to have teeth whitening. You know how expensive teeth whitening is nowadays. For the famous Exorbsive whitening system, ranging from P25,000 - P30,000, that price can give me great shoes, dresses and a gadget maybe. That is a lot!

But for Dra. Lanie Concepcion's new Professional Teeth Whitening solution, which has the same great quality as that of Exorbsive, costs only P10,000. 
Where can you get that cheaper, I mean probably the cheapest in the metro teeth whitening?
Only at Concepcion Dental Clinic!

Dental X-ray Machine

The services I get from Dra. Lani include Oral Prophylaxis (dental cleaning) which cost P1000, tooth filling using the advanced system Self-Adhering Flowable Composite Filling which also cost P1000, and the Professional Teeth Whitening System. 

Dental tools including the Flowable Composite filling in a syringe-like tube.

Teeth Whitening procedure last only for 30 minutes. 
Your beige-colored teeth will bade you goodbye forever.
Who says there will never be a solution for yellowish teeth? 

Dra. Lanie at the back waiting for the laser timer to beep.
15 minutes for the laser thing

Dra. Lanie takes care of her clients that much even places a petroleum jelly on my lips so that I won't get chapped lips after the procedure. She sees to it that everything is safely done, even the sunnies, to protect your eyes from the light of the laser. Actually, all of her dental procedures require her to provide eye protection for her clients. She's used to it I guessed.

This is my brighter smile after the procedure. 
Yes, and it's pure white.

Just created this Before-During-After collage so you will see the difference and 
how stunning white my teeth are now.
The whitening system still works an hour after the procedure so you'll get an even whiter shade, 
and a 24-hour period to avoid any food that has color especially the one with sauces on it, red meat  and powdered drinks.

The blue gel is used to protect the gums from getting white spots because of the teeth whitening solution. But need not worry because this teeth whitening solution is very safe, and if white spots occur, it will fade away in seconds. 

The Professional Teeth Whitening System of Dra. Lanie Concepcion is available from 
Monday to Saturday from 10:00AM to 7:00PM.

You may contact Dra. Lanie for appointments at nos. +63-2-381-5570 and mobile 0917-517-0355

She accepts walk-in clients for consultations only.

If you have a yellowish teeth and you are looking for a great quality teeth whitening system 
yet cheaper in price, the answer is just at the tip of your fingers. 
Dial now and make an appointment. A brighter and confident smile is waiting for you.

Dra. Lanie and yours truly

Dental Services offered:

Oral Prophylaxis
Tooth Extraction or Surgery
Tooth Restoration (Composite Filling)
Full Denture using Thermosens
Full Denture using BPS
Partial Denture
Simple Hawley Retaner
Invisible Retainer
Root Canal Treatment
Self Ligating Ceramic Braces
Teeth Whitening using Brite Smile
Concepcion Professional Teeth Whitening System

HMO accreditation: Maxicare

Thank you so much Dra. Lanie for this new experience of pampering myself.

Like them on Facebook here for more info.

Get that Gorgeous Smile soon!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored blog post.

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Friday, May 9, 2014

After 5 Attempts I Finally got Google Adsense... Want to know how I did it?

Since I started blogging in January 2012, I have known that there's one thing where I can monetize my blog site- and it's through Google Adsense. So I created an account for it.

I tried my first application on Adsense after 4 months of blogging, and sadly I was denied. Google doesn't explain the reason for the disqualification but instead they will give you the link on what to do with your website to make it more appealing for Google to give you a chance to earn from ads. A very unfortunate me was repeatedly denied the chance and yet I really have no idea how to enhance or revise my design or layout or template in order for Adsense to approve my site.

Well, my long overdue waiting time is over. I was approved by Google Adsense and for the first time I felt some relief, I don't know why. The fact that I know it is not that big thing to earn in Google Adsense but there's something in me that felt comfortable and secured. Such a drama LOL


Anyway, it's just one thing that I did and I know that one thing made me get approval.
With the help of Mommy Pehpot Pineda's blog about NoFollow Plug In, I was able to edit my html template and made it a NoFollow links.

And now that I am so happy for having Adsense on my site, let's see if I will be happy too when it comes to earnings.

Goodluck to Whazz!!!

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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Custaroons by Gigi Gaerlan

Twice I saw this gorgeous stall at SM Mega Fashion Hall and I was easily captured by its pastel colored design. I don't like color green but this one is so soft and very pleasant to look at.

My daughter posing for Custaroons (",)

The other side

The lady offered a bite to taste of their custaroons and my goodness!!!! That's what I uttered when I tasted it, and also my husband, my daughter and my son, we all loved it. That is why we bought this one.

12 pcs of Custaroons for just P360

What are Custaroons?

Simply a combination of your favorite macaroons and custard created to perfection.
I love macaroons and custard cream, and they have it in one bite, so delicious OMG!!!
Superb taste. I've got nothing negative to say about it. 
Packed with elegance. Goes with paper bag. Great as a gift.

A love note from the owner of Custaroons
Ms. Gigi Gaerlan

Mouthwatering layer of macaroons on top and custard below.

A very soft dessert, you can even smell its sweetness, what more when you open your mouth to its delectable melt-in-your-mouth goodness.
Oh and by the way, they also have a cheese custaroons. Maybe I'll try it on my next visit.

If you want to try this amazing pie dessert, visit their branches at
SM Megamall, Eastwood and Robinsons Magnolia.

If this Custaroonery would be at SM Hypermarket, then this might be a weekly routine for me. (",)

Enjoying the sight? Grab one now so you'll know why I am head over heels on this pie dessert.

Do you have any good pie at the tip-of-your-tongue? 
Share it with us. Leave a comment below and we will try to get one too.
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Monday, May 5, 2014

Solaire's Mothers Day Specials

Mothers know best. But this time, Solaire has thought of the best for the special women in our lives. From the special discounted rates in the ultimate family staycation to the exquisite set menus in our fine dining establishments, we’ve made sure that this will be one unforgettable Mother’s Day.

Bring the entire family this ‘Mother’s Day weekend’ and stay in one of our luxurious suites with discounted rates. Under the Summer Family Getaway packages, our rooms go as low as PhP6,000++ for Deluxe Room Cityview and PhP7,000++ for the Deluxe Room Bayview. The special rates are also available in Grand Deluxe Cityview (PhP8,000++), Grand Deluxe Bayview (PhP9,000++) and 2-Bay Suite (PhP12,000).

Our amazing staycation packages come with an impeccable buffet breakfast for two adults and two kids age 6 years and below. For kids who are 7 to 12 years old, we offer a 50% dining discount. Your stay also includes a free use of the swimming pool and the fitness center. To test your luck, the package comes with PhP500 worth of gaming credits.

If you opt to celebrate mom’s special day with a lavish dinner, we have prepared delectable set menus in Fresh, Yakumi, Finestra, Red Lantern and Strip. Everyone in the family can enjoy our mini pizza creation of the day (Roasted Branzino in potato crust, Versuvio tomatoes, white wine and Gamberoni), Pasta Carbonara in rich and creamy sauce with pancetta bacon, Limon Cello lemon and Chicken Parmigiano at our Italian restaurant Finestra.

For the lovers of Japanese cuisine, meanwhile, we offer a special menu that includes Gyuniku Tataki (Seared beef strip loin with onion dressing and micro herbs), Yakumi Sushi and sashimi sampler, Lobster mini soup, Ebi tempura, Chilean Seabass teriyaki and Steamed Japanese style egg custard with foie gras.

Red Lantern also offers a sumptuous set menu for those who prefer Chinese dishes. The family can feast on Hand rolled Beijing duck, Pumpkin soup with seafood and white fungus, Deep fried crispy shrimps with sweet mayonnaise, Wok fried prime beef black pepper sauce, Steamed sliced fish with Tofu in black bean sauce, the seasons best vegetables with oyster sauce, and Braised noodles with spring onions and ginger sesame oil.

Steak house Strip also offers a Mother’s Day menu consisting of Green Pea sphere and crisp ham; Tomato salad dried olive oil and goat’s cheese; Foie gras crumble mousse with candied fruit and nut; Seared tuna blood orange sponge, watermelon and labuyo chili crust; Pork belly beer braised and tomato relish; Smoked Angus beef and Caramel Sand torch banana.

All of our set menus are priced at PhP1,900 and all come with the Solaire Mother’s Day creation, the Caramel cheesecake with red berries and white chocolate silk. If you want to go all – out however, our buffet outlet Fresh is ready with Lechon (Charcoal grilled suckling pig), Roasted prime rib of ‘Gold Label’ prime beef, Brioche baked whole salmon Coulibiac, seafood delights and a long list of desserts which include tarts, cupcakes, cookies, parfaits, doughnuts, puddings and cakes.

May it be the ultimate staycation or a gastronomic adventure in one of our first-class restaurants, Mother’s Day at Solaire is definitely a great bonding opportunity for the entire family.

For reservations, call 888 8888 or log on to for more details.

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