Friday, May 9, 2014

After 5 Attempts I Finally got Google Adsense... Want to know how I did it?

Since I started blogging in January 2012, I have known that there's one thing where I can monetize my blog site- and it's through Google Adsense. So I created an account for it.

I tried my first application on Adsense after 4 months of blogging, and sadly I was denied. Google doesn't explain the reason for the disqualification but instead they will give you the link on what to do with your website to make it more appealing for Google to give you a chance to earn from ads. A very unfortunate me was repeatedly denied the chance and yet I really have no idea how to enhance or revise my design or layout or template in order for Adsense to approve my site.

Well, my long overdue waiting time is over. I was approved by Google Adsense and for the first time I felt some relief, I don't know why. The fact that I know it is not that big thing to earn in Google Adsense but there's something in me that felt comfortable and secured. Such a drama LOL


Anyway, it's just one thing that I did and I know that one thing made me get approval.
With the help of Mommy Pehpot Pineda's blog about NoFollow Plug In, I was able to edit my html template and made it a NoFollow links.

And now that I am so happy for having Adsense on my site, let's see if I will be happy too when it comes to earnings.

Goodluck to Whazz!!!

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