Thursday, May 8, 2014

Custaroons by Gigi Gaerlan

Twice I saw this gorgeous stall at SM Mega Fashion Hall and I was easily captured by its pastel colored design. I don't like color green but this one is so soft and very pleasant to look at.

My daughter posing for Custaroons (",)

The other side

The lady offered a bite to taste of their custaroons and my goodness!!!! That's what I uttered when I tasted it, and also my husband, my daughter and my son, we all loved it. That is why we bought this one.

12 pcs of Custaroons for just P360

What are Custaroons?

Simply a combination of your favorite macaroons and custard created to perfection.
I love macaroons and custard cream, and they have it in one bite, so delicious OMG!!!
Superb taste. I've got nothing negative to say about it. 
Packed with elegance. Goes with paper bag. Great as a gift.

A love note from the owner of Custaroons
Ms. Gigi Gaerlan

Mouthwatering layer of macaroons on top and custard below.

A very soft dessert, you can even smell its sweetness, what more when you open your mouth to its delectable melt-in-your-mouth goodness.
Oh and by the way, they also have a cheese custaroons. Maybe I'll try it on my next visit.

If you want to try this amazing pie dessert, visit their branches at
SM Megamall, Eastwood and Robinsons Magnolia.

If this Custaroonery would be at SM Hypermarket, then this might be a weekly routine for me. (",)

Enjoying the sight? Grab one now so you'll know why I am head over heels on this pie dessert.

Do you have any good pie at the tip-of-your-tongue? 
Share it with us. Leave a comment below and we will try to get one too.
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