Friday, June 27, 2014

10 Absolutely Effective Back-To-School Tips

With the recent start of the school year, we, the parent, must have everything planned and well-prepared for them to enjoy their school days. It is not unknown to us that some students are really getting bored and eventually get lazy to attend school So here are some great tips for them to not think negatively when going to school.

1.  Talk to your kid about his/her schedule. The right time to sleep and the right time to wake up. Consider other unavoidable circumstances during morning so allot or spare a few minutes attending to it.

2. Walk your child to the school or ride with them on the school bus. If there is also a kid in the neighborhood who rides the same school bus and possible to be with your kid's company during the ride, ask them nicely.

3. Be Creative. Kids are always up for exciting things, so prepare a breakfast the unusual way. be creative enough to design their veggies, fruits and hotdogs, make their pancakes in different shapes and have them pour maple syrup from a test tube stuck in a jello. They are your kids and you know what they like, so invent.

4.  Talk to your child about possible bullying and harassment inside the classes, state some instances similar to it so they will know they are in the situation and what to do when the time comes.

5. Leave a note inside your child's lunchbox to remind them of what you told them earlier, may it be about their participation in the class, or to finish their food or just a smiley face letting them know you are always thinking of them.

6.  Have your kids books and notebook in order according to their time. If English subject comes first then you place the English notebook and textbook in front of the bag for easy grabbing.

7. Never forget to give them a water bottle. Drinking fountain at schools are, sad to say, un-hygienic nowadays and you don't want your kid to drink from it.

8.  Open communication between the parents and the child must always be implemented. Let them feel that you are always there for them especially when they encounter problems at school

9.  Alcohol, handkerchief and tissue paper are a must for students. Tell them to use alcohol after using  the comfort room and when someone is sick inside the class. It is better to be cautious because virus and bacteria are everywhere. Health comes first.

10.  Last but not the least, never forget to give your child the confidence of talking to classmates, teachers and friends inside the school without thinking of bad breath, always give them SWISH breath spray.

Swish Peppermint Fresh flavor is an alcohol-free, sugar-free breath spray.
Every student must have this in their pocket to experience great confidence in communicating with their friends, teachers and classmates.
A confident student is a happy student.

Swish Mouthwash comes in six flavors:
(as seen here) Arctic Chill, Peppermint Fresh and Mangosteen Mint, also Cinnamon Blast and Icy Choco Mint. Swish has no painful burning sensation when gargling unlike other mouthwash, so its just a SWISH & GO thing!

I personally love the Arctic Chill. Not only does it give me fresh breath but it gives a boost in my confidence level, knowing I have nothing to be ashamed of. I drive alone with no one to talk too so I know I would have a bad breath, but because of Swish mouthwash, having bad breath will never be a problem, because you won't have it anymore!!! Thanks to SWISH! Always Fresh Always ON!

Swish Mouthwash is great for children 6 years and older, pregnant women, diabetics, cancer patients and survivors. Swish mouthwash and 100% safe and healthy.

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Disclaimer:  This is a sponsored product, but the review is 100% mine based on my personal experience with it. Remember that products that worked for me may or may not work for you.

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Solaire Goes Up, Up, Up in the Air with Air Asia

Solaire is everywhere. Anywhere on the net, on your newsfeed, trending on the news and now you can see Solaire up, up in the air.

 screenshot when I'm about to log in on my yahoo account

Read more about this exciting level-up moment for Solaire Resort and Casino on this Press Release.


Solaire Resort and Casino, the Philippines’ premier integrated resort, in partnership with Air Asia unveils a breakthrough branding project in the Philippines.  
Solaire again raises the bar as it wraps its brightly colored livery on Air Asia’s popular Airbus A320, which is scheduled to embark on its maiden flight this July.  Solaire is the first-ever consumer brand in the country to fully wrap and brand a commercial airline, with an underlying thrust of further promoting tourism in the Philippines and in greater Asia.  

Solaire Owner Enrique Razon Jr and Air Asia Global CEO Tony Fernandes

This dynamic collaboration between Solaire and Air Asia represents another step forward in an on-going journey towards providing modern travel and leisure experiences for its customers, with a fresh new approach to their target market.  This partnership will facilitate more passenger and cargo traffic in both regional and domestic flights, and foster stronger trade, cultural and tourism ties within Asia.
This milestone is a key undertaking between two passionate brands with entrepreneurial and dynamic mindsets. This unprecedented branding project in the Philippines may be taken as a "leadership statement," which attests to Solaire's strong growth momentum in the industry. Yes we are again raising the bar; this time we're taking it to the skies.” says Donato Almeda, Board Director of Solaire Resort and Casino.
Currently, Solaire’s brand colors are donned by just one airplane, but nothing is stopping them from further rolling out this innovative wrap on additional aircrafts in the future with broader partnership arrangements.  The campaign will continue until 2016 and it is envisioned that this high-impact ad in the sky will generate more hype and publicity as the partnership progresses.
Jasper Evangelista, Vice President of Brand & Marketing, Solaire Resort and Casino said, “This aircraft-branding campaign is a strategic branding initiative which would allow us to literally take our brand to greater heights. We have created amazing moments for our customers since Solaire launched last year, and now we’re aiming to further connect with our local & foreign guests and travellers by reinforcing our brand presence in the country’s airports. Sky Solaire will enable us to get immediate traction on this effort and even take it to a level all its own.”
In-line with Solaire’s “Create Your Moments" campaign, which highlights Solaire as the perfect place to create unforgettable memories, this fitting partnership with AirAsia, one of Asia’s leading and multi-awarded airlines in their category, harmoniously evokes the key thrusts of customer service, hospitality, and excitement for both their industries.  This marketing initiative is also primed to open up new revenue streams for both the integrated resort and the airline carrier.
AirAsia Philippines Chairman Maan Hontiveros said, “AirAsia Philippines is a sociable and innovative brand. We also take pride on our collaborative nature. This new livery demonstrates our creative approach to partnerships and marketing opportunities especially with companies that support our vision to grow tourism. We are thrilled to carry Solaire’s brand in the sky and on the grounds at the airports here and abroad extending to as far as our destinations in Malaysia, China and Korea.”
The Solaire experience is stamped with an unparalleled brand of service style, world-renowned Philippine hospitality, top-of-class luxurious accommodations, diverse dining options and impressive gaming facilities, which have all contributed to the way people people view resort casinos in Manila. Many have opted to extend their stay at the resort, to have simply grown to embrace the aspirational and stress-free lifestyle offered to them at Solaire. Solaire Resort and Casino clearly offers the utmost experience of comfort, elegance and luxury in the Philippines right now.

About Solaire Resort and Casino:
Solaire Resort & Casino, the primary property of Bloomberry Resorts Corporation, is a USD $1.2 Billion integrated destination resort on an 8.3-hectare site in Manila, Philippines opened March 2013. Solaire, a luxury destination casino resort, is the first property to open in the Entertainment City, a government sponsored (Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation) economic development zone.
Solaire’s Phase 1 features 500 luxurious rooms, suites and bayside villas, 18,500 square meters of gaming space, a wide range of award-winning dining experience and signature restaurants, sophisticated bars and lounges, and an ample multi-level car park. The property has additional 258,721 square meter expansion project under development which is expected to open 3rd quarter of 2014. For more information and reservations, please contact a travel professional or access the website at

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