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Blogapalooza 2014 Ain't Over Yet

Last week was the supposedly anticipated event for bloggers in the country, but due to typhoon #Marioph it was canceled. Well, of course we are very happy that it was moved to a better date and that there's still a chance for other bloggers who haven't registered be included. Hurry register now and let's meet!!!

Event: Blogapalooza 2014
Venue: SM Aura SMX Convention
Date: October 11, 2014 (Saturday)
Time: 10AM to 9PM

If you wish to join, click here. You have until October 9, 2014 to register.

500 registered bloggers and counting

If you have a business and would like to be included in Blogapalooza list of sponsors, click here.

Friday, September 12, 2014

How to attain Limitless Possibilities in life - #iamlimitless

Anyone who has a passion for something, even if it is difficult to accomplish, he will find time for it, no matter what.

As a full time mom, I know and you know well, that we seldom get the 'me' time we've been wishing for every once in a while. Missing gimmicks with old friends are normal for us. Pampering ourselves is also one part we have neglected for a very long time. Honestly, in my 7 years of being a mom, there's this one time (my book launching) that I was able to have my pedicure and have a nail polish, only natural color. I'm not a hypocrite to say that I don't miss and like those moments, but I wouldn't place it on top of my priority list. Family first of course. I miss having a facial at my favorite facial center... and my skin is really dry. As in, literally dry!

I have a lot of things to do outside our home but I can't go out and if I find time, I am not ready to face other people. Why? It's because I am not confident enough with my looks, my skin especially. It has been a problem of mine to have that rough skin on my cheeks c/o pimples way way back. My hands and feet are both dry and rough as well.

Good thing I was offered to do a product review of this new craze in skin care. Have you heard of Limitless Possibilities?

Limitless Possibilities Asia Pacific Inc. is a 
For those who have not heard yet of Limitless Possibilities, you may visit their website for more information. 

I am excited to introduce to you their products and how I enjoyed and love using three of them.

Here are Limitless Possibilities' pride and joy:

L-R: Facial Toner, Body Night Lotion, Facial Wash, Body Day Lotion, Beauty Facial Cream
Front: Whitening Bath Soap

If you haven't checked their website, Limitless Possibilities offers 6 beauty products for different purposes. It has organic contents so it is safe for the environment and of course, safe for you as well.

my fave Limitless Facial Wash -  peeling without irritating your skin

It contains multi-fruit blend which is a natural source of acids that renews cells in every wash.

What I love about this product:
the smell is heavenly, period;
the after-feeling, my skin is softer and you will feel like there is a mask or some coating that leaves your face and even when it dries up it's still there;

I use this twice in every bath and as often as I like when I visit the comfort room.

Limitless Body Soap - whitens and smoothens skin with every wash

It contains natural whitening from seaweeds. Ingredients used are safe for the environment. What I like about this product is the scent, there is a citrus burst every time you shower which wakes up my senses, and how the thick lather seems to penetrate your skin, makes you feel it works wonders. 

Direction for use:
Body soap to cleanse the body well. Lather and let it stay on your skin for 2-3 minutes. Rinse well.
Here is what is inside the box

Limitless Facial Toner - best for oily and acne prone skin

It smells just like the scent of facial wash but this facial toner eliminated my excessive oily skin. Honestly, when I am sweating especially outdoor, my face is a mess, shining like there's always a spotlight on my forehead but on my 3rd application, that's when I felt the difference. I went out on a sunny day, just a block away from our house, but I never felt oiliness, just looking and feeling fresh. 
I apologize, though I want to take a selfie with my new-found beauty essentials, I haven't have the guts to do it... Probably soon. Oops!! It's not because of my skin, I love my skin now because of these products, but because of other reasons. But then,, soon I will.

The above-mentioned Limitless Possibilities products were my favorites.

Limitless Beauty Facial Cream
This is applied after the facial toner. It contains an anti-aging and rejuvenating ingredient that works even when you sleep. Also is a whitening cream and creates a firming effect.
 You may also put it as a foundation for your make up. How great is that!?

Tamara Body Night Lotion
Repairs and lightens skin while you slumber the night away
It is non-greasy so you won't feel uneasy. I am applying this more on my legs and feet, so far in my 2 weeks of use, I can feel my skin getting smoother, I don't have to worry about going to the spa. I found my solution in Tamara, it did hydrate my thirsty skin... Happy user here guys! You should try this combination of day and night lotion.

Tamara Body Day Lotion
Protects skin from the sun while it whitens, making it smooth too.
Make sure you put your day lotion after taking a bath for that fresher feeling.
For best results, use it with Tamara Body Night Lotion because it has AlgoWhite boosters.

So these are the new beauty products must-haves and I'm so glad I have them already. Thanks to my Limitless Possibilities sponsor. 

All in all review for these Limitless products: 4 out of 5
Organic ingredients, good-feel application, smooth and whiter skin: a big check

Want to know where can you get these very effective products?
Visit their website here.

Like their Facebook page here  #iamlimitless

With Limitless Possibilities, not only you can be assured of a glowing and white skin but you can earn from it too.
Limitless Possibilities is a social selling for the young entrepreneur. 
Earning P150 per product is not a joke. 
So visit their site, watch the videos so you will have an idea and be enlightened of the limitless possibilities they offer to aspiring successful entrepreneurs.
Note: Beauty products are not limited to women only. Men can benefit from these products too, more so on guaranteed earnings.

Hurry up! Be the one of the firsts to experience Limitless Possibilities!

#iamlimitless and a happy user here!
Pampering at the comforts of my home.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. Though products have been provided, all that is written here are my own and that which are based on my personal experiences.

For product reviews or any kind of promotional request, please click here.

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