Monday, October 27, 2014

Kidzooona from Japan is HERE!

Last Friday, we decided to have lunch at Robinson's Galleria and also to buy a birthday gift for a baby boy neighbor. Walking from Max's restaurant going to Toys R' US, we spotted this colorful playground that's new to our eyes. I told the kids we will go there after buying the gift. Then came the- after- promise.

Mishka and Tristan can't contain their excitement when they saw the arcade games which were not yet available at that time, due to system maintenance, said the crew. 

I am waiting for these to operate soon. Prepaid game cards are available at P50, P100 and P200. 

having second thoughts to go in at this moment...

Being reluctant on their promo indicated at the entrance, I asked and confirmed to the staff that indeed it was a PISO promo. They said that they are on soft opening and will be officially launching Kidzooona on November 8, 2014. (thanks to dear Mommy Erica for the update)

Kidzooona Aeon Fantasy is the newest play area for the kids and probably for the kids a heart too. Their promo is P1 per hour per kid, a guardian is free of charge, an additional per succeeding chaperone.

So what's inside Kidzooona?

You will be greeted at the Fire Department..choz! (",)

Once inside you have to remove your shoes and make sure you have socks with you.
Socks are availble at the counter for P55.00. There will be lockers assigned to you free of charge so you can place your bags and shoes there.

feel at home kitchen area

Ice cream parlor and Flower Shop

Parents can sit comfortably in their lounge area. If you have small kids who are very active, then you can never experience this. (",)

These are quality toys where kids can learn

Fish Xylophones

Little Chef

Mind-boggling activity area (",)

Gymnastics area for kids who are fond of throwing themselves in soft cushions. 
Tristan did that jump as well and I am so nervous at that time because I am sitting on this area 2 meters from him. But then he did well, and I proud of him for that.  Huh!

Little Ms. Doctor and her assistant at the Hospital section

I don't know what is this vacant place for, I thought it's a function area. But hey, there really is a function area upstairs. Partying at Kidzooona soon.

Kidzooona is located at the 4th floor of Robinson's Galleria, Ortigas between City Buffet and Pizza Hut. This is their first branch in the Philippines. Originally from Japan.

Oh and also they have a mascot named LalaChan (I don't know if I spelled it right)
which will appear twice a day, so kids can interact with the cute and pink Kidzooona icon.

Still some pics of my kids enjoying Kidzooona.

not my kid lol... I was entertained though hahaha. he really dived there to get his fruits which were scattered on the carpeted floor.

Prepping for their operation (",)

So glad we were among the firsts to take a hold of these toys that are undoubtedly very clean. 
I hope they will maintain the cleanliness of the area when this Kidzooona goes viral.

liking the apron for him minus the color, of course hehe

Sushi bar

Tristan is asking something from the kid, no idea what

dollhouse for the little cutie girls

Burgershop with cash register and play money inside. I hope it won't get lost each time a kid would play there. There are so many play coins inside too. I asked the staff if they will place a bucket on the exit area so kids can leave the toys there, and yes is their answer. (",)

Don't forget to like their Facebook page here KIDZOOONA  more from them on their launching/grand opening day on November 8, 2014. Their 1Peso promo will be until November 2 only and they will close Kidzooona from Nov. 3 to 7 in preparation for the big event.
They will open their inflatable play area to the public as well.

It's Sem-Break so I guessed you can drag your family there and let your kids experience this awesome activity area at Robinson's Galleria.

Piso per Hour promo will be until November 2, 2014 only.

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