Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Blogapalooza 2014: A First Timer and a Big Winner

It was last August when I first knew about Blogapalooza event on one of the blogs I am subscribed with. Without second thoughts I registered.

And then there was #Blogapalooza. October 11, 2014

It was a great day! The weather looks gloomy but not a drop of rain poured during the event. It was a funny experience because I went out of the house as early as 8:45AM and arrived at the place by 9:00AM, so I went out of the car knowing that SM Aura will probably open their doors to guests around 9:30, so I waited at the parking area, only to realize that I was not parked at SM Aura but Market Market, so I hurried up and feeling stupid. It was 9:20 something when I left Market Market and proceeded to Aura...

There I was standing first in line at the SMX Convention..YESSSSS I was the earliest of the early birds -wink- but no, there's no prize for that, or I just missed it.

doors aren't opened yet and it's just 10AM

at the SMX Convention, SM Aura 3rd Level
#Blogapalooza 2014

Anyway, it was a wonderful and successful event. So many booths from sponsors, I was going crazy which one to visit first. I haven't seen any familiar faces yet, so I just took a sneak peek of the sponsor booths.

I was relieved to have my business cards ready but because it is limited, I just have to choose which booth most interests me to drop my card. It never occurred to me that it is a fun, really fun event because of the games each sponsor prepared to amuse us. To sum up the most enjoyed parts of #Blogapalooza, these made my day even if it's a bit embarrassing:

Chooks-To-Go Wii-like game and I won a top score prize of the delicious 
"hindi na kailangan ng gravy" Roasted Chicken

Zomato dare challenge, wherein I also won a great prize
I have to get 6 people wearing red shirts 

Another winning for the day was from ZING Rewards.
I stacked up dice with the help of chopsticks, sadly no picture of me doing the feat

Several sponsor booths I have not visited because of my little stay there, but it was indeed enjoyable. I even got the greatest prize from it at the end of the day. And it's because of this entry from 

The contest is for the most likes and I got 120+ by 12AM
What did I win?
P10,000 worth of Gift Certificates from House of Lasagna
Am I jumping for joy? Of COURSE, and until now I can't believe it. 
My experience from the House of Lasagna will be posted soon.

This is their booth at the Blogapalooza, my love-at-first-taste of their mouthwatering Beef Lasagna.

Well, obviously I didn't go home empty-handed, but both hands are numb and aching because of the freebies... Look at this photo of me at the Ace Water and Spa booth, I am carrying just half of the freebies I got and yet it already looked heavy with those tight-looking muscles LOL

Max's mascot ChickieBoy with the limited edition Gilas tumbler

Caronia Blue Moon Collection Nail Polish

Victoria Court Discount Card
No idea when can I use this hihihi Never been there.

BueWater Day Spa post-it note

I was not able to go back to their booth for the wacky photo contest,,,, sad

I love the Sample Room booth, so girly so as this freebie.
Will post about my Sample Room experience soon. 

Crocs Phiippines colorful pen and cute key chain

YSA, Nice Day Coffee and Delite #teatime

Eat Out Manila

It was a tiring yet enjoyable day. I never regret attending the event and I will definitely be there next year again, expecting to experience and enjoy more from the sponsors.

Special thanks to all who made #Blogapalooza possible. 
Vince Golangco of When in Manila and Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet

Big thanks to all the sponsors who shared with us their goodies and friendly smiles.
Some of the booths that I also visited but was not able to take a photo are:

Easy Taxi
Henry's Professional
Niu by Vikings

I forgot the sponsors of the other booths, I will update this as soon as I remember them.

#Blogapalooza was a blast!
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