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Sundowners Vacation Villas at Bolinao Pangasinan

Last month, we had a family vacation in one of the Top 10 Santorini-like resorts in the Philippines. It was a great experience witnessing the captivating view from Sundowners Vacation Villas. The pictures circulating online are true and staying there is a must, but let me tell you what you have to do before going there and when you are there at the resort.

mini clip of the surroundings

Our experience with their services are a bit disappointing. I am not discouraging you to go there because it is a real beauty being there. Just a few things you need to know, it is up to you if you still want to visit or not.

The Master Villa we stayed at is the largest villa at Sundowners. It has 6 bedrooms, 6 toilet and bathrooms, an open mezzanine bedroom, large private infinity pool, a mini movie "room"  and a fully equipped kitchen.

Sundowners Marina

We traveled for 5 hours from Pasig City, though some areas are raining it was not a hindrance in the traffic. Our check-in time is 3PM, we arrived at the resort around 11AM. So we have to wait for 3 more hours before stepping in the villa. At Bolinao proper (bayan), you won't see any fast food chains like Jollibee, McDo or KFC, but they have Tapa King a kilometer away from the resort which opens 10AM daily. Near here is the wet and dry market. Better go there around 9 to 11AM so you'll have more choices of food to cook. I spent 2 hours in the market because I have to buy for 2.5 days meals. It was a tiring experience of going back and forth the parking lot, because of the heavy bags.
Master Villa parking area and entrance
You don't have to worry about limited space in cooking. Their kitchen has an electric 4 burner- stove and a 2-burner stove with lpg. They have complete dinnerware and eating utensils, but their cooking utensils have to be requested as it is only a few. They have a huge refrigerator, big cooking pots and pans.
At the back is the barbecue grill

They have a barbecue grill but you have to buy charcoal in the market. The infinity pool already has 3 floating devices  and 2 adult vests. You can rent also but it is pricey.

Rooms are clean but there are insects everywhere. The staff said it is because of the season and that during summertime, there are no insects. The flies are annoying. We have to cover each dish because we have them flying around during meal time. On our first day, there were a few electricity fluctuations, again, because of the weather. It is understood. But the next day, we were inconvenienced by the 2-hour no electricity, we thought it was the whole resort, but no. Just the master villa. The electrician said it was a short circuit and we have to endure the humidity and super flies roaming around. Soooooo inconvenient for all of us especially the kids.

Anyway, if you plan to go there, you should have an itinerary if you will be staying for 2 nights 3 days, which we did. At Patar, 30 minutes away from the resort, there is a lighthouse, beach and an enchanted cave. Going to the lighthouse will require you to take the stairs, more than a hundred steps maybe.

Nykos Kitchen at Sundowners Marina
Nykos Bar at Sundowners Villas

By the way, Nykos Kitchens at Sundowners is a Mediterranean resto bar, if you haven't tried any Mediterranean cuisine, don't attempt. It was a disappointing meal for us and there were a lot of leftovers. Pricey also. Nykos is at Sundowners Marina, a hundred-step stairs going down from the villas.

This is their group meal for 6-10 persons. Not recommended if you are looking for a flavorful meal.
For some, this meal might be delish. (",)

The whole resort gives a refreshing feels, it will give you highs, a bit overwhelmed with the view of the Lingayen Gulf from the infinity pool area. We might return, but we'll make sure it isn't rainy season.
Infinity pool view the from 2nd floor. Diving is allowed. 
La Familia :)

Plan this vacation well, so you will not be disappointed and have regrets. Just enjoy the majestic view. You need a drone there.

Check this video to see the magnificent Sundowners Vacation Villas. 

Thank you to Tita Elvie, for bringing us at Sundowners.

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