Wednesday, August 23, 2017

You Have No Idea

And I still have nothing to offer the world!

 I wanted, really wanted, to make a difference but everything is so slow. I know there is something for me out there. I am still hoping and waiting for it to come to me, very soon. It is hard to rotate and go up and down with nothing in your pocket. Sadly, that is a problem for most of us. 

I am searching, kept on searching online, for easy earnings. Earning without paying out first. I know how networking works, those click-bait too-good-to-be-true articles, those flashing money and checks of "successful" individuals--- they will all drag you down. Going up that rope is very slippery in itself, and if you add up to the oil that makes it too greasy, no one can go up. You have to go the other way.

I am thinking of setting up several websites with different niches, but HEY! Chai! wake up! You can't even maintain this website and still wanting to create one or more.... Nah!

I had this thought of What's Your Wish project, it's a dream website where visitors can post their wishes, anything their heart desires. If someone with a good heart captures it and is willing to provide for a Granted Wish, then I will be willing to be the middleman for it. My plan is to set up a group for DreamGrants, they are the ones who will provide the financial help to those who are wishing. It could be a small doll for an adorable kid or a travel spree for a stressful adult.

What's in it for me as a middleman? 
I will not get any cent on the funds from the DreamGrants. I earn thru visits on my website and Youtube Channel. All granted wishes will be documented thru my youtube channel. I will have people video/record the person and their reaction once they received their wish. A friend, a relative or anyone who is close to the Dreamer. Funds collected will be transparent to the DreamGrants, so they will have peace of mind that what they provide will directly go to the deserving Dreamer.

I love helping people, really! I liked seeing smiles on people's faces, knowing that thru a simple gift, we can bring happiness to them.

Let me be your middleman or middlewoman (",) to do that for all those people, wishing and hoping and dreaming someday, theirs will be granted. 

It is better to give than to receive, as they say. And I find it very true, without expecting anything in return, you will feel the fulfillment once you see their face brightens because of happiness and surprises.

OhMyGeez! I wanted this to happen, badly. 

If only I have that money to perform and grant the wishes, I would definitely provide. Since I am only a stay-at-home Mom with a wonderful hubby to support our family, I will have to find ways to make this plan work. Finding ways is my forte. I struggle, everyone is, but amidst the struggle, you can help. And I believe in that. And I need your help to help me make it come true. For now, I can only share my ideas.

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