Friday, August 23, 2013

Janet Lim Napoles and the GANG: The 10B Pork Barrel Scam

Admit it, don't be in denial... One way or another you've been corrupt yourself, to family, to friends, to your colleagues or to your company.

We are not saints, but that doesn't give us the right to be bad. It is still our choice to do good to others and only yourself would know the truth if what you're doing is sincere.

Now, that our nation is getting affected and everyone, I mean each and every Filipino residents are now involved in this situation brought by the Pork Barrel Scam, would you ignore it?

Are you aware that even if you are not paying taxes you are still affected by what Janet Napoles and the GANG* did with the 10B Pork Barrel, because someone in your household or in your neighborhood is still paying his tax dues and that means he contributes to the wellness and welfare of the public including you, a non-taxpayer?

So what do you think our government should do to these alligators who feed on other's sweat, blood and tears? I have read the whole whistle-blowers' revelations and I don't know how to react to that... I don't know if the 'anonymous' guy is telling the truth or just making up stories but if he was indeed telling the truth, did he not just exaggerate some points, but what the heck, we were all scammed!

Yes, I saw and watched a clip of the lavish party of the Napoles daughter, we could have been invited to that as we all contributed to her celebration. I saw her collections and lifestyle too,  obviously we haven't seen the rest and would you wait for that, you'll just fall on your knees and never want to pay taxes ever. If we can just do that, we could have a well-to-do lifestyle too. If we can just tell our employers not to deduct such huge taxes, maybe we already have our own house and lot or a brand new car, or for some, just complete meals a day with matching salad, dessert and sodas.

I have been contemplating on these taxes and how poor our country seems to other nations. This is what I imagined if these corrupt people have not been corrupt at all:

One, there will be better education system and better school programs and facilities for the public;
Two, there will be better health programs for the whole Filipino citizens just like what Makati residents are until now benefiting from;
Three, better hospital facilities for us to have a secured and safe health treatment;
Four, better services from different government institutions because they will be provided with great facilities and more funds thus making them perform well and serve us well;
Fifth, government employees can enjoy a pay that is due to them, they are therefore serving us and your family as well, let them get the credit and giving them the right salary for their performance, if that would happen they can serve us better, one example are the public school teachers, if they are compensated well enough they will teach kids diligently, they'll exert more effort in making the problematic students get the right path of education and not focus on their yemas, pastillas and longganisas sales rate;
Sixth, good quality and above standard equipment and iinfrastructures for the railroad system, building bridges, dams, weather related system, disaster and relief operations etcetera.

It is a matter of chain reaction with a touch of the golden rule.  If one has done something bad, it will still affect others and people who were affected would have that choice to be bad too, and there goes the series of bad deeds. I feel for the President of our country because he is just one person and each and everyone has different opinions that would like to be done, but underneath it all, the basis for these rants of the citizens of the Philippines, is justice. Janet Napoles and those involved in the 10B porky barrel thingy must serve us all, be in jail.

What made us 'pagngitngit ng kalooban' is that how Janet Napoles dealt with this, it is not just a small issue of petty cash, it's the whole nation supposedly bringing-us-to-the-better-future funds, she is acting insane and even has the nerve to hide together with her brother. Wherever you are criminals, all eyes are on you. Whatever calamity or bombings or shipwreck would there be, you will never be deleted in our list of concerns, for people like you have made us even poorer. We could only say bad things to you Janet Napoles and family who are 'nagpakasasa sa yaman ng bansa'. It's as if your family is solely at the end of the bottleneck 'sustentado ng buong Pilipinas' grabbing and taking everything from the poorest to the richest, in which, if you're not aware and if you are that stupid, NOT YOURS to SPEND. You are super big time BAD, and you will pay for that BIG BIG time too. I don't think you alone Janet Napoles and brother would be sentenced to jail, your whole family who have spent even a single peso from that fund should be in jail. Enough is enough. We have been fooled by corrupt government officials over and over again, and now this certain Janet Napoles who is just so lucky to be involved with this fortune was not even a barangay kagawad or sangguniang katandaan, just adding up humor, but really I'm not even smiling on this thing. I am writing this with so much anger which I know is a bad thing, yup it is a sin to bear so much hatred to an individual, but can you blame me for that. We see everyday on the news about street children, families living under the bridge, kids who are supposed to be in school but are outside looking for a living, just some of the things that makes me angry, help must be forwarded to them, I don't mind being taxed P22,000 a month just as long as I know that it is 100% being forwarded to the needy or to a particular government project in which me and my family will benefit too.

If only bad words, curses and accusations could kill. You've been dead already Janet Napoles. Every adult mind who has read the 'anonymous' revelations have uttered your name together with an adjective that is obviously a negative one.

I have been thinking if this pork barrel tactics were already practiced several decades old then that must be what candidates must have heard about to be their benefit despite having small salary and the reason why they run for a position, I can only conclude that maybe, just maybe 1% of the whole government officials of the country were true with their service to the public, no kickbacks or pocket fillers of funds. I know one true politician, the Vice Mayor of Makati City. I knew him since he was in Sangguniang Kabataan and now even if some didn't want him in the position it was still the people's trust in his kind heart and capabilities that made him in the position. By the way, he is VM Romulo 'Kid' Pena, just so you know.

Anyway, back to Napoles. I have one question in mind that could sum up her pesonality and also of her family... Do You Have a CONSCIENCE JANET NAPOLES? Because you are now by far, to me, the most wanted criminal of all criminals. Even if you didn't kill anyone literally with your own hands, you are killing the nation (mga Pilipino) slowly because we worked too hard for a living, some even kill themselves risking their safety and health just so they can provide for their family and what do you and your family do with our hard-earned part-money (tax)? Extravagantly living your life to the fullest. Ang kapal ng shield mo! So tell me now, do you have a conscience?

What we need now is justice. Recently I've watched a clip from an international news that Lucio Tan also had some-trillion thing going on. If it were true that a huge money like that are supposedly for us, then I humbly suggest now to the President of the Philippines Benigno 'Ninoy' Aquino III, let this case be solved at once, if evidences are there already in front of thy faces, all of the riches of the involved individuals be confiscated and bring it back to the Filipino people and make us, taxpayers, not have a tax withheld for the whole year. You'll see how progressive we're going to be and soonest we will be out of the third world country list.

Why and How is that? Simple, those extras that were supposed to be paid in taxes will now be paid in housing or car loans. Parents can provide healthier food for their children not just instant and canned meals. Family can now have quality time and have social life because they can travel to places with  that extra income. For me, I'm just assuming a computation, the monthly P22,000 tax from a call center manager could provide for 3 families' food and clothing already. You'll see how huge these taxes an individual is being ripped off only to go to some fund-sucking-no-conscience-alligators such as Janet Napoles and the GANG. Whoever that gang is, soon we will find out about you guys. People are now braver than ever, we are only civilians but we can do more now than before. Thanks to the internet and social media networks Facebook and Twitter,  you light up our life, and to Jeane Napoles you opened our eyes to the world we never imagine exists. You are one tough b&@+€# and the nerve you have to post photos like that is absolutely unbelievable.

Another request to the government before I take a break from this horrible Napoles case, PLEASE BE TRANSPARENT. Honesty and transparency is the best policy. (",) Reveal the GANG. And to those keeping Janet Napoles from coming out, release her now and let the hearings begin! Sooner or later 'mabubuking ka din!' Surrender Janet Napoles!

Share with us what you think about the Napoleses and the best punishment for them? 
*By the way, GANG is my acronym for Greedy Alligators Navigating our Government.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

PLDT, your system ROTS!

I’ve had the worse day with PLDT Fibr Plan 1995.

Two days ago I am so much happy that my online jobs are finally coming in one by one. There would be sponsored post and sponsored reviews amounting to $30 and $20 and one product review paid $30 already three days ago and anytime from now another $15 from article writing will be transferred to my Paypal account. Everything was going well and I have at least 3 pending engaged reviews. Problem is this internet connection from Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company is ruining everything. It was an on and off thing on the weekends, and come Monday the connection was totally disconnected. So here we go, calling their customer service on billing and technical department. I was asking why the hell my internet is gone maybe they can check any damages in the area because of Bagyong Labuyo (typhoon) but no, it isn’t about that, reason behind is that they restrict our account due to unpaid balance of 585.something which was due last August 7th, 2013. And because it falls on a date not near to salary payday, I’ll pay it on the 15th which is supposed to be today. What am I ranting about at first was their STUPID system along with helpful but still stupid customer service representatives.

Tuesday between 4PM to 5PM I called and knew the account was restricted, so I paid the 590, to round it up, the balance from July 12-August11 billing period using my husband’s cellphone. At 4:55 the payment was done and of course it wouldn’t reflect automatically on PLDT’s system that is why I called and inform them of the reference number, time and amount paid, hoping that internet connection would resume within 24 hours which really is getting to my nerves. To tell you my dear readers every time I call PLDT and their stupid customer service answers every blood in my veins were boiling with anger, their stupid system really SUCKS and to think that they can’t do anything with what the customers would request to them, somehow made them unimportant to sit there and assist clients like me, know why? Because they all depend on what they say is the ‘system’, which means that they their technical team set already time on how, what and when anything is supposed to be done, so that means they must no longer have those CSRs sitting there and let their system do everything. Oh and by the way, PLDT answering machine wherein before you get to talk to the CSRs really heats up everything so when you talk to their CSR , clients would soon explode with anger. Example is you get to enter the telephone number and the system didn’t recognize what you entered and ask you to do it again and then you’ll wait, and then they’ll ask you to enter the 10digit account number and 2nd attempt for that has a program to tell you that ‘Your response is not valid’ or ‘You have exceeded the allowed time within the period, Thank you for calling PLDT’ and it will hang up. You waited for minutes and you’ll just get dumped like that. Tell me if you didn’t experience that, please, please let me know so I would think that maybe I’m just too heated up today about this internet connection that’s making me lose extra income.

So back to my ordeal. Wednesday morning around 8:30AM, because their CSR operates only on an 8-5 basis, I don’t know why they alone are like that, where they supposed to have a 24/7 assistance, anyway, this is really making me want to explode, they saw my payment appeared already in their system so I have to wait for 24-48 hours for the internet connection to resume, REALLY? That long waiting time. So my husband took the phone (because I can no longer handle the situation, I might get a heart attack there and then) and told the CSR that he will not put down the phone until the internet resumes or that someone would give assurance that it will be reconnected after a few minutes or hours but still within the day. It took my husband almost an hour over the phone, from billing department to tag or note that payment has been reflected, and to technical so they can just click it like that and resume the connection, then back to billing CSR because technical hasn’t seen any report yet that it was tagged out from restriction… after further waiting for the billing to have someone manually override their ‘system’ (I think it is a very tight programming that no human can control or intervene, programmers? Any? Is that true?) this is getting long, to sum it up we hang up the phone because some ‘paasang’ billing CSR told us to wait for an hour and it will be resumed, so I told her that I am expecting it at around 10-11AM, I will call if it didn’t happen.
I got back from the mall with my relatives and it was 4PM , no connection. I called again and they told me that they can’t do anything on their ‘system’ that I just have to monitor and wait. I called around 6PM and they can’t be contacted anymore because their office hours are over. Poor thing PLDT has lots of money but they don’t have customer care for 24 hours, they should have it because you are offering, you say, the fastest internet service provider and Fibr for that matter, and yet you don’t have that call center for us to make us, your clients-the one who pays you to have a luxurious life- be comfortable with your ‘system’ anytime we need your assistance and to think that what you offer is a 24/7 internet service? Whoa! That’s a lot
So I am writing this 6AM, Thursday, August 15th, and I think I can’t join the Facebook and Twitter #Throwback thingy, just kidding but I’m not smiling as I type this. My jaw is so hard due to this UNFORTUNATE thing that happened with PLDT, because of the unpaid balance of 585.something FIVE (5) days overdue. Oh, I just thought of it now, maybe PLDT needs more money that’s why they easily disconnect operation so clients would pay as soon as they discovered they have restricted account. Hmmm.
BS to PLDT, BS to their system, BS to their STUPID CSRs, I’m sorry for this, this is my first angry post, no, very angry post and it is ruining everything, my day, my morning, my online work (I hope they still accept my post) And I hope to post this as soon as internet connection resumes. I will tag every account PLDT has on FB and Twitter.

This isn’t over yet for PLDT and me. From now on every problem I encounter with YOU I will post here and to all your comments section threads. FYI, prior to this I already had problems with PLDT, if you're interested about it just let me know and I'll tell you the whole story.

Oh hubby’s here and asking about the connection. I’ll post this now using his phone’s hotspot.
Updates to follow here..Thanks for reading. What a morning to start!, I hope you have a good #throwbackthursday morning! (",)

Oh, wait a minute, you might ask why my unpaid balance is just 585.something, it's because I made prepayments online already mid-July amounting to 1600plus. Prepayment dear PLDT.

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                       Be Secured: Buying and Selling Online
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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Teespring: Helping You Reach that Goal

Are you looking for a site that would help you raise funds for some charity? or funding for project building? Some sites can give you that but it will cost you dollars just to create one. What if your goal is to help someone but still you're being ask to pay for a maintenance fee of $9/month, would you pursue it or not? I bet not.

I found the perfect crowdfunding platform for you. Watch this brief video clip for a moment and then you may scroll down for the step by step procedure.

Teespring is the man! 

What is Teespring?

Teespring allows you to create tees, designed by you and promoted by you without spending a dollar or two and it's risk free. The design on your tees could be your own illustration or just plain statement invented by you.  It is very easy to create Teespring campaigns. Just set a goal, be creative and sell it online.  There have been successful campaigns and made sales beyond expectations. 
Some of these campaigns are as follows:

A couple sold this "Love makes a family shirt" to raise money to adopt. Link here adoption
Sold 144 tees towards the goal of 50

This one included children's and toddler's shirts to raise money for an 11-year-old to 
sing in a children's choir in Hungary. Link here. bunnygirlsings
Sold 49 tees towards the goal of 36

This one raised over 85k for Boston relief. Link here BOSTON
Sold 6313 towards the goal of 75. 
Well that was an overwhelming one but it's true. Anything for the love for Boston.

Do you have any goal in your mind? Want to try Teespring
Here are the Steps in creating your Teespring Campaign:
1. Create your tee.
You can change the type of tee you want.
 Available brands are Hanes, American Apparel and Canvas Ringspun
Choose from round neck, v-neck and even long-sleeves  are also available.
Basic cost depends on the brand you choose. Choose your color too.

Statement tees never go out of fashion.
Create your own, choose font and the color of your text.
You may also add an image coming from Teespring collection or your own illustration.

You can also design the back of your tee

2. Set a goal
Choose how many pieces of tees you should sell in order to reach the 
amount of funds needed for your campaign.
Set your price too and also the duration of the campaign.

3. Add a description.
Have a campaign title. In the description your readers would know what your exact goal/mission is in raising funds. You can also tell them why you created the design and it's relevance on the campaign.
You have 300 characters for it.

So everything is finished. 
Design check. Goal check. Pricing check. Description check.
Launching Campaign will be your last step.
Use you influences on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram to promote your campaign. If you have more social media accounts then you'll have more platforms to spread your campaign.
Checking of orders will be under your Teespring account.

I made my own campaign too. Teespring is very easy to create and fun too. I love the fonts they have especially the Foreign. Try it for yourself and you'll get hooked in no time. You want to help someone but have no enough funds for it , here is your chance to extend your kindhearted personality and give love to those in need.
People decide who to help. If you just let them know and tell your pure intentions, you'll go a long way and be successful in it.
Good luck with your future Teespring Campaign!
Have fun creating one!

Here's my share of Teespring. 
DREAM ON CAMPAIGN Help me Help Others

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                       It's Back to School at Layla Grayce         
                       Riffsy: New Web Craze
                      Be Secured: Buying and Selling Online
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Sunday, August 4, 2013

It's Back to School at Layla Grayce

As a mom you must be twisting and turning right now that school year is about to resume.  No more extended night hours watching with the kids, no more sleepovers with cousins and no more night life. It's time to get that school craze come into your senses. Remember it's in three weeks.

Hey Moms and Dads!

Layla Grayce have lots for your kids this school year.  Just browse on to see and maybe you'll like it. 
Oh, most definitely your kids will like it.

Aren't they cute?
The Zoo Pack Owl backpack is where fun meets function! Whimsical details and durable materials make this the perfect on-the-go pack for kids! 

The Monkey Mania Lunch Happens bento box stores a child's school lunch or travel snacks. Designed with a blue and orange zoo animal print, the double-decker, reusable square case features pre-measured compartments for fruits, veggies, sandwiches and treats and a built-in handle.

Soft and lightweight, the Kashwere kids striped hoodie will keep your child cozy and stylish year-round on the playground.
 Be sure to check out  Layla Grayce for all your back to school needs! 

Disclosure: This article contais affiliate links. May or may not be compensated.

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                       Riffsy: New Web Craze
                      Be Secured: Buying and Selling Online
                      Be Craftsy-fied / Get More for Free
                      Lights on Lights Off at Zinc Door

Friday, August 2, 2013

Riffsy: New Craze on the Web

RIFF it out!

Sooner or later RIFF is what you would see trending on Facebook and Twitter. It's a new craze on the social networking site featuring simple GIFs from around the net and you too can create your own riff.

Riffsy is a Pinterest-like networking site where you can browse on GIFs and choose whichever you like. Clicking the heart button for the likes if you have been captured by the cute or funny or amazing video clip you've watched. Clicking the envelop button would make a certain riff be on your collection, may it be a DIY, foodie, music, movies etc. You can comment on every riff too.

This tool can also be your way in the marketing world. A lot of short clips would fascinate you and may even be a start of a good business venture, who knows!?. Ideas would roll up in your mind while watching these created riff(s) Riff doesn't bore you, makes you smile, laugh, or just simply be WOWed.

Here's the riff I created

I took this from Youtube and as simple as that you can create your own Riff.
I love Game of Thrones and Michelle Phan of course.

Simple steps to follow in creating Riff.

First of all register/sign up on and you have to like 5 riffs to be added in your collection and from there you can create your own.

Click on the Create Riff orange button on the upper portion of your Riffsy page.

You have 3 ways to get the riff you want.
GIF from the web
or Upload your GIF

After embedding the URL, start scannin
g the video and choose where you should start and stop the clip.
The blue tab indicates the scene you picked.

You can also add a caption to the riff and a description too up to 100 characters. After selecting the clip, click on the Save Scene button.
 For a detailed instruction on how to create a riff check this out.

So you finished creating your riff, start sharing it on your social networks and let them see how amazing /cute/funny or interesting you riffs are.

Riffsy is easy to use, easy to navigate, easy to explore, easy to collect and easy to create and share. 
I'm quite loving it now (",)

Interested to create your own?
Go to Riffsy
Happy Riffsy-fying!

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                      Be Secured: Buying and Selling Online
                      Be Craftsy-fied / Get More for Free
                      Lights on Lights Off at Zinc Door
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