Wednesday, January 28, 2015

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Includes premiere issue of Disney Cakes & Sweets magazine, a Mickey Mouse cookie cutter & Winnie the Pooh silicone molds! Over a $30 value, pay just $4.95 shipping & handling.

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Elmo's Learning Adventure Introductory Kit ALL For FREE just pay shipping

Get your child preschool-ready with Elmo’s Learning Adventure! Introductory kit includes 3 hardcover books, 3 activity books, 18 Learning Adventure Cards and a storage case. Elmo’s Learning Adventure helps guide your growing child through discovery, health & fitness, friendship, words, critical thinking, colors & shapes, numbers, reading & writing and everyday routines.

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Kids love to learn with Sesame Street characters! Elmo's Learning Adventure teaches basic preschool skills like numbers, ABCs, colors, sharing, health, problem-solving and more.

Everything about Elmo is lovable!

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Dr. Seuss is a HIT again... Limited Time Offer (US Only)

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Your kids will surely love this and I know you will too! Decide now!

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You might say it's too good to be true right? But indeed it is true and it's really a very good offer from Blogelina
If you have any more Qs, just shoot me an email and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Syoss Discoveries Which I Never Thought Would Be

SYOSS? Have you heard about it? Do you even know what it is?

Me, honestly, I never knew about Syoss (pronounced as Sah-yoss) until this campaign last December 2014. I think I haven't seen one in the supermarket or if it is there I may not have noticed it. Why I am saying this? 

I tell you that Syoss is not the product I would buy at first glance because it's unheard of, or because I haven't seen any advertisement about it. Why am I still writing this? Please let me explain.

I am not against Syoss, in fact, I loved it. I am using their shampoo and conditioner for 2 weeks straight now. Mind you, I never stick to shampoos for that long. My sister, mother and husband knew that because they would see that I changed shampoos every 2 or 3 days for scent purposes only. 

What I discovered about Syoss hair products is not particularly all about me. 

When I got these gifts, I was really excited to try it because it's a new experience and I like new experiences. 

Syoss Repair Therapy Shampoo and Repair Conditioner
Syoss Anti-Dandruff Shampoo and Anti-Dandruff Conditioner
Syoss Straight & Shine Hair Gel

My hubby is excited as well. And I haven't seen him this eager to try what I do for blogging.

So, Syoss is not my type of scent. Just a very mild hint of I-have-no-idea aroma (",) but it is soothing. It is what my hubby liked about at first. He likes the scent. What should I do?

I used it daily and everyday he would tell me that my hair smells so good. Who doesn't like that? And one more thing, he combs my hair. Should I worry now? Lol

He made me realized that too much perfume on the hair is just too much, period.

I am using the Syoss Repair Shampoo and Conditioner, yep the big one. And hubby is using the Syoss Anti-Dandruff Shampoo and Conditioner. For those who knew him, he doesn't have a lot of hair going around his head. He shaves his hair every two weeks. He used any shampoo that is available in the bathroom and sometimes soap only. So what about that, you would ask? He always had dry scalp that causes dandruff. It has been years of a problem to him and sometimes makes him feel less attractive. Naks! 

Syoss Anti-dandruff shampoo and conditioner has been my husband's companion every bath. He is so happy that after years of having dry and itchy scalp, he found Syoss and became best friends automatically. What a relief to me though. I was so happy now with his skinhead (as they call it) dandruff-free look. Oh, you might ask about the other anti-dandruff shampoos (knees and toes) (security), YES he used it but none of it can equally meet Syoss quality.
This review is what I have observed, solely my own and no one told me to say what I just mentioned here already.

I am so happy about this product and what it did to my husband. I’m so thankful. Like any product reviews you see, what works for me may not work for you. But I highly recommend Syoss if you are after the quality and affordability as well.
-break time-

Just took a bath and used Syoss again. Soft, shiny and more volume for my hair. Loved it.

If you would like to try and experience the best from Syoss, get it now at the leading supermarkets, they probably have it there now.

Let me know your Syoss moments by commenting below. Thank you for your time. Ciao!
Check more about Syoss and the company that brought it here, click here.

---- Special thanks to Ms Sara Trenuela of AMPR and Mr. Richard Mamuyac of Astig Machismis for introducing Syoss to me.

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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Metascreen - A guard against SIDS

Nearly one baby every hour each day dies abruptly. An estimated 7,000 babies die each year without warning.[i]

Parents are left clueless after the death as the possible causes remain unknown even after undergoing autopsy. All because of the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

SIDS is the unexplained death of babies usually occurring during sleep and striking under unexpected circumstances.

Even a healthy one-year old baby may be a victim of the condition which is often simply attributed to physical and environmental factors.

Studies have shown that babies with physical conditions including brain abnormalities, low birth weight and respiratory infection have higher risk of dying an unexplained death.

Still some studies indicated that an infant’s sleeping position may also be a cause. Babies sleeping on their stomach side are more prone as they may suffer more difficulty in breathing. Those sleeping on soft surfaces and with their parents are also at risk. [ii]

To address the problem, various newborn screening tests are being employed as a means of identifying inborn disorders. For instance, dried blood spot screening, usually available in hospitals, can effectively screen the newborn of many metabolic disorders.

This type of screening, however, can only detect less than 50 metabolic disorders.[iii]

Given that there are far more metabolic disorders that place an infant in danger of SIDS, a new process called Metascreen, an expanded, advanced and non-invasive metabolic screening service, was developed.

Metascreen can detect up to more than 100 inborn errors of metabolism (IEM) through a painless method that uses the child’s urine sample collected after 48 hours of birth.

IEM is a rare genetic disorder characterized by the lack of enzymes needed in the body to maintain the normal body metabolic temperature.

This condition eventually causes the build-up of toxic substances and a deficiency of the critical ones. And because this may remain undetected during the infant stages of the baby, it poses as a silent threat to every newborn.

Aside from causing sudden death, the disease may also trigger serious developmental issues and lifelong disease, if left untreated.

Research showed that 10% of the SIDS cases can significantly be attributed to these inherited metabolic defects.

In the Philippines, this comprehensive newborn screening is offered by Cordlife Medical Philippines, the country’s most chosen cord blood and cord lining banking institution. Metascreen is offered free to all mothers who bank their baby’s cord blood and cord lining at Cordlife.

“Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is a serious and unseen condition that contributes to infant mortality,” said Dr. Arvin Faundo, Medical Director, Cordlife Medical Philippines. “Metascreen offers mothers the chance to reduce this incidence to secure the future and the wellbeing of their newborn.”

The screening test is performed by the Hong Kong Screening Centre Limited, a company that provides early and accurate detection of metabolic disorders in newborn babies.

“Here in the Philippines, we take pride in providing our clients with the best facilities to ensure that Cordlife is something they can depend on especially when it comes to securing the health of their newborn,” Faundo added.

Cordlife Medical Philippines, is a branch of Cordlife Group Limited which owns and operates processing and cryopreservation storage facilities across Asia including in Singapore, Hong Kong, India and Indonesia.

The Group’s processing and storage facilities in Singapore, Hong Kong, and India are also AABB, formerly known as American Association of Blood Banks, accredited, meeting the gold standard of private cord blood banking.

Cordlife Group also has a direct investment in China Cord Blood Corporation, one of the top operators in China.

For more information, download Cordlife’s free infopack @ or call (02) 3321888 to know how you can invest in your children’s future.

[i] Retrieved from:
[ii] Source: Mayo Clinic, retrieved from:
[iii] Retrieved from:

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Saturday, January 10, 2015

The World's Best Grammar Checker

The #1 Writing Tool

Do you write articles? 
How about manuscripts with great stories? 
Do you want them published right away? 

The problem with writing is that you still have to undergo some editing and proofreading process before taking the final step, which is publishing.

You don't have to hire an expensive editor who asks for rates that are on a per word or per page basis. There is Grammarly that can help you get through errors, grammar and spelling problems can be eliminated in no time. Try it!

Don't get caught plagiarizing

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.

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