Thursday, September 26, 2013

Disney Infinity Toy for PS3

Before it was just a dream for my little girl to have this toy she saw on Disney channel. She even asked if there is an online game for it so I downloaded it on the app store.

Mishka playing some scenes on Disney Infinity app on her iPad4

Three weeks after it was launched here, her dad bought the starter pack of Disney Infinity for PS3.

The box includes 3 play characters, Captain Jack Sparrow, Mr. Incredible and Sulley and a free character Violet came with it. We got hooked really fast, it really is addicting as what others said in their reviews. Our family is now Infinity-ed morning and evening hahaha. 

The Disney Infinity is available at Toys R' Us. 
Price: P3,599.75
Free item (Violet) cost P629

What's inside the Disney Infinity Starter Pack

1 Disney Infinity video game
3 Disney Infinity Figures
1 Disney Infinity Base
1 Disney Infinity Power Disc (power disc may vary by pack) ours is Finding Nemo power disc
1 Starter Pack Play Set piece
1 Web Code card

Starting the game was very exciting, you really can't imagine how huge this toy box inside. Each Disney figure have their respective game world as you would see in their movies.

The Disney Infinity Toy Box experience can be summarized into 4 words only, 
So Much To Do.
It would take you weeks maybe just to finish 1 Disney figure's world with a lot of surprises along the way. We haven't explored everything but we want to buy all the character figures and power discs, but unfortunately not all characters and power discs are available here. Oh, by the way, every time you purchase a power disc pack, you can't choose what you want, it is a surprise. I love opening surprise packs, pray that you won't get the same power discs over and over again. Poor you if that happens.

Take a peek of the most addicting family game I've ever encountered...oops...played hehe. 
Enchanting introduction of the Disney Infinity toy Box game.

Hey dearies, grab one starter pack now and let your family experience an adventurous bonding moment without leaving your home.

Update:  We finished The Incredibles world even if we only have Mr. Incredible and Violet.
Bought the latest toy box Lone Ranger and Mike Wazowski for my little girl's birthday

Mike Wazowski

The Lone Ranger

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