Saturday, June 2, 2012

My Firmoo Wrap-Around Sunglasses Wins

I always wanted to have sunglasses of my own even when I was young, but I remembered not buying any, I don't know why (",)

Now I got my own sunglasses and not just one but 2 Firmoo wrap-around eyeglasses from my winnings.

Thanks to Sleepless Gal for this one, I won it from entering her Rafflecopter contest.

Code: OTO2503
Color: Black
Price: $44.90

And this one is from Firmoo Optical Online Store for my winning blog on re-published Firmoo Article.

Code: OTO2585
Color: Brown Leopard print
Price: $40

I'm just happy that somehow my luck on on-line contests are overwhelming, and people around me add up in convincing me that I'm really a lucky gal. Well, hopefully in the lottery draw too.

Another happy Firmoo 'eyewearer', my daughter Mishka loves these sunglasses, she kept on wearing it even indoors. It fits her well and me too...what are the odds? Firmoo sunglasses and also my clear lens Firmoo eyewear, fits well, as if you bought it in an actual boutique with the fitting and everything. 

You can never go wrong with Firmoo Optical Online Store. You got a lot to choose from:. Prescription glasses to Fashion eyewear and Goggles too. Elegantly designed, durable and cheaper in cost.

Firmoo is currently having their promo for New Buyers, Free Firmoo Eyewear on your first purchase, you just have to pay for the shipping fee.

Hurry now, get to experience shopping online with Firmoo: Vision and Fashion the Frugal Way!

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