Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Let's Move & Let's Love

One act of Pure Love can create a magnificent masterpiece in a person that is unbreakable. -chaicgalapon

It's just random thought that came out, and I'm glad I had it in me. I have love. A very common word but bigger and wider in scope. It can be a love for your spouse/partner, your child, your parents, your siblings, relatives and your friend. Can you give love to a stranger? Yes, by doing things for them such as an advocacy or a charitable work.

Since my Aunt had this cancer illness, I made myself committed in helping her. I may not give her huge financial support but through my blog I know I can make extra income even in small amounts. My Paypal account which I used in my online business and online purchases was changed to helplettyforchemo@yahoo.com but still under my name and all donations extended through my account were given to my Auntie Letty. I gave her my ATM card and of course my pin.
I have joined many affiliations, referral programs and even paid surveys.

 I created a Donate button on my sidebar so that people with more blessings and kind heart could share some to help her.  All of the earnings from these programs will directly go to Paypal account. I am informing my Auntie every time a withdrawal from account has been made. Since I posted it almost 2 months ago, I was able to get donations amounting to almost $300. I am very thankful that people would still trust an advocacy like this. I will still continue helping her as long I can write articles, answer surveys, join contest with monetary gains and everything that can help me help her.

I wish I can do more for her, to extend her life with the help of medicines and herbal supplements,  also with prayers. Thinking positive in every aspect gives us hope that someday a miracle will happen and everything will all be fine.

If one can really make a difference in someone's life then it's time... Let's Move, Let's Love

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