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Teespring: Helping You Reach that Goal

Are you looking for a site that would help you raise funds for some charity? or funding for project building? Some sites can give you that but it will cost you dollars just to create one. What if your goal is to help someone but still you're being ask to pay for a maintenance fee of $9/month, would you pursue it or not? I bet not.

I found the perfect crowdfunding platform for you. Watch this brief video clip for a moment and then you may scroll down for the step by step procedure.

Teespring is the man! 

What is Teespring?

Teespring allows you to create tees, designed by you and promoted by you without spending a dollar or two and it's risk free. The design on your tees could be your own illustration or just plain statement invented by you.  It is very easy to create Teespring campaigns. Just set a goal, be creative and sell it online.  There have been successful campaigns and made sales beyond expectations. 
Some of these campaigns are as follows:

A couple sold this "Love makes a family shirt" to raise money to adopt. Link here adoption
Sold 144 tees towards the goal of 50

This one included children's and toddler's shirts to raise money for an 11-year-old to 
sing in a children's choir in Hungary. Link here. bunnygirlsings
Sold 49 tees towards the goal of 36

This one raised over 85k for Boston relief. Link here BOSTON
Sold 6313 towards the goal of 75. 
Well that was an overwhelming one but it's true. Anything for the love for Boston.

Do you have any goal in your mind? Want to try Teespring
Here are the Steps in creating your Teespring Campaign:
1. Create your tee.
You can change the type of tee you want.
 Available brands are Hanes, American Apparel and Canvas Ringspun
Choose from round neck, v-neck and even long-sleeves  are also available.
Basic cost depends on the brand you choose. Choose your color too.

Statement tees never go out of fashion.
Create your own, choose font and the color of your text.
You may also add an image coming from Teespring collection or your own illustration.

You can also design the back of your tee

2. Set a goal
Choose how many pieces of tees you should sell in order to reach the 
amount of funds needed for your campaign.
Set your price too and also the duration of the campaign.

3. Add a description.
Have a campaign title. In the description your readers would know what your exact goal/mission is in raising funds. You can also tell them why you created the design and it's relevance on the campaign.
You have 300 characters for it.

So everything is finished. 
Design check. Goal check. Pricing check. Description check.
Launching Campaign will be your last step.
Use you influences on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram to promote your campaign. If you have more social media accounts then you'll have more platforms to spread your campaign.
Checking of orders will be under your Teespring account.

I made my own campaign too. Teespring is very easy to create and fun too. I love the fonts they have especially the Foreign. Try it for yourself and you'll get hooked in no time. You want to help someone but have no enough funds for it , here is your chance to extend your kindhearted personality and give love to those in need.
People decide who to help. If you just let them know and tell your pure intentions, you'll go a long way and be successful in it.
Good luck with your future Teespring Campaign!
Have fun creating one!

Here's my share of Teespring. 
DREAM ON CAMPAIGN Help me Help Others

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