Friday, August 2, 2013

Riffsy: New Craze on the Web

RIFF it out!

Sooner or later RIFF is what you would see trending on Facebook and Twitter. It's a new craze on the social networking site featuring simple GIFs from around the net and you too can create your own riff.

Riffsy is a Pinterest-like networking site where you can browse on GIFs and choose whichever you like. Clicking the heart button for the likes if you have been captured by the cute or funny or amazing video clip you've watched. Clicking the envelop button would make a certain riff be on your collection, may it be a DIY, foodie, music, movies etc. You can comment on every riff too.

This tool can also be your way in the marketing world. A lot of short clips would fascinate you and may even be a start of a good business venture, who knows!?. Ideas would roll up in your mind while watching these created riff(s) Riff doesn't bore you, makes you smile, laugh, or just simply be WOWed.

Here's the riff I created

I took this from Youtube and as simple as that you can create your own Riff.
I love Game of Thrones and Michelle Phan of course.

Simple steps to follow in creating Riff.

First of all register/sign up on and you have to like 5 riffs to be added in your collection and from there you can create your own.

Click on the Create Riff orange button on the upper portion of your Riffsy page.

You have 3 ways to get the riff you want.
GIF from the web
or Upload your GIF

After embedding the URL, start scannin
g the video and choose where you should start and stop the clip.
The blue tab indicates the scene you picked.

You can also add a caption to the riff and a description too up to 100 characters. After selecting the clip, click on the Save Scene button.
 For a detailed instruction on how to create a riff check this out.

So you finished creating your riff, start sharing it on your social networks and let them see how amazing /cute/funny or interesting you riffs are.

Riffsy is easy to use, easy to navigate, easy to explore, easy to collect and easy to create and share. 
I'm quite loving it now (",)

Interested to create your own?
Go to Riffsy
Happy Riffsy-fying!

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