Thursday, August 15, 2013

PLDT, your system ROTS!

I’ve had the worse day with PLDT Fibr Plan 1995.

Two days ago I am so much happy that my online jobs are finally coming in one by one. There would be sponsored post and sponsored reviews amounting to $30 and $20 and one product review paid $30 already three days ago and anytime from now another $15 from article writing will be transferred to my Paypal account. Everything was going well and I have at least 3 pending engaged reviews. Problem is this internet connection from Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company is ruining everything. It was an on and off thing on the weekends, and come Monday the connection was totally disconnected. So here we go, calling their customer service on billing and technical department. I was asking why the hell my internet is gone maybe they can check any damages in the area because of Bagyong Labuyo (typhoon) but no, it isn’t about that, reason behind is that they restrict our account due to unpaid balance of 585.something which was due last August 7th, 2013. And because it falls on a date not near to salary payday, I’ll pay it on the 15th which is supposed to be today. What am I ranting about at first was their STUPID system along with helpful but still stupid customer service representatives.

Tuesday between 4PM to 5PM I called and knew the account was restricted, so I paid the 590, to round it up, the balance from July 12-August11 billing period using my husband’s cellphone. At 4:55 the payment was done and of course it wouldn’t reflect automatically on PLDT’s system that is why I called and inform them of the reference number, time and amount paid, hoping that internet connection would resume within 24 hours which really is getting to my nerves. To tell you my dear readers every time I call PLDT and their stupid customer service answers every blood in my veins were boiling with anger, their stupid system really SUCKS and to think that they can’t do anything with what the customers would request to them, somehow made them unimportant to sit there and assist clients like me, know why? Because they all depend on what they say is the ‘system’, which means that they their technical team set already time on how, what and when anything is supposed to be done, so that means they must no longer have those CSRs sitting there and let their system do everything. Oh and by the way, PLDT answering machine wherein before you get to talk to the CSRs really heats up everything so when you talk to their CSR , clients would soon explode with anger. Example is you get to enter the telephone number and the system didn’t recognize what you entered and ask you to do it again and then you’ll wait, and then they’ll ask you to enter the 10digit account number and 2nd attempt for that has a program to tell you that ‘Your response is not valid’ or ‘You have exceeded the allowed time within the period, Thank you for calling PLDT’ and it will hang up. You waited for minutes and you’ll just get dumped like that. Tell me if you didn’t experience that, please, please let me know so I would think that maybe I’m just too heated up today about this internet connection that’s making me lose extra income.

So back to my ordeal. Wednesday morning around 8:30AM, because their CSR operates only on an 8-5 basis, I don’t know why they alone are like that, where they supposed to have a 24/7 assistance, anyway, this is really making me want to explode, they saw my payment appeared already in their system so I have to wait for 24-48 hours for the internet connection to resume, REALLY? That long waiting time. So my husband took the phone (because I can no longer handle the situation, I might get a heart attack there and then) and told the CSR that he will not put down the phone until the internet resumes or that someone would give assurance that it will be reconnected after a few minutes or hours but still within the day. It took my husband almost an hour over the phone, from billing department to tag or note that payment has been reflected, and to technical so they can just click it like that and resume the connection, then back to billing CSR because technical hasn’t seen any report yet that it was tagged out from restriction… after further waiting for the billing to have someone manually override their ‘system’ (I think it is a very tight programming that no human can control or intervene, programmers? Any? Is that true?) this is getting long, to sum it up we hang up the phone because some ‘paasang’ billing CSR told us to wait for an hour and it will be resumed, so I told her that I am expecting it at around 10-11AM, I will call if it didn’t happen.
I got back from the mall with my relatives and it was 4PM , no connection. I called again and they told me that they can’t do anything on their ‘system’ that I just have to monitor and wait. I called around 6PM and they can’t be contacted anymore because their office hours are over. Poor thing PLDT has lots of money but they don’t have customer care for 24 hours, they should have it because you are offering, you say, the fastest internet service provider and Fibr for that matter, and yet you don’t have that call center for us to make us, your clients-the one who pays you to have a luxurious life- be comfortable with your ‘system’ anytime we need your assistance and to think that what you offer is a 24/7 internet service? Whoa! That’s a lot
So I am writing this 6AM, Thursday, August 15th, and I think I can’t join the Facebook and Twitter #Throwback thingy, just kidding but I’m not smiling as I type this. My jaw is so hard due to this UNFORTUNATE thing that happened with PLDT, because of the unpaid balance of 585.something FIVE (5) days overdue. Oh, I just thought of it now, maybe PLDT needs more money that’s why they easily disconnect operation so clients would pay as soon as they discovered they have restricted account. Hmmm.
BS to PLDT, BS to their system, BS to their STUPID CSRs, I’m sorry for this, this is my first angry post, no, very angry post and it is ruining everything, my day, my morning, my online work (I hope they still accept my post) And I hope to post this as soon as internet connection resumes. I will tag every account PLDT has on FB and Twitter.

This isn’t over yet for PLDT and me. From now on every problem I encounter with YOU I will post here and to all your comments section threads. FYI, prior to this I already had problems with PLDT, if you're interested about it just let me know and I'll tell you the whole story.

Oh hubby’s here and asking about the connection. I’ll post this now using his phone’s hotspot.
Updates to follow here..Thanks for reading. What a morning to start!, I hope you have a good #throwbackthursday morning! (",)

Oh, wait a minute, you might ask why my unpaid balance is just 585.something, it's because I made prepayments online already mid-July amounting to 1600plus. Prepayment dear PLDT.

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  1. Aw! That's really a BV Ate Chai! :O Good thing Globe isn't something like that with PLDT :) When we lost our connection+dial tone, I contacted them on Twitter, a lot of representatives replied on my tweets (NAMEofGlobe1, NAMEofGlobe2) since I don't have any other way to do so, they DMed me and asked me about the matter, what to do and set an operation within the vicinity with a job order, date, time, infos about everything. Globe has that prepayment too, but I guess Mom never paid in advance.

    1. Oh you gave me an idea there. Bad thing sa cellphone browsing is limited and i'm having a hard time with social media, anyway, now that they resumed the connection I feel good again. Hopefully no more things like this happen again, or I would go out and rent a pc and rant on every social media LOL. Thanks for visiting Lady Myx (",)

    2. Thanks to Smart free twitter mobile :) hehe. it's extended until aug. 31 XD


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