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My SM Center Pasig's Innocence in Time Book Launching

It was really a successful event and an emotional one for me. I have a lot to thanked for but I can't continue my speech as tears swelled up my eyes and my throat is filled with overwhelming emotion.

Now this is my time to say everything that I should have said last April 13th.

I seldom do this or close to not doing it in public but for this wonderful milestone that happened to me, I would like everyone to know that I am very thankful that the Lord made all these things possible. He used such great people to help me achieve this level which never occurred to me being a reality. It was never my dream to have a book launching, yes, it never slipped my mind, but what I've been dreaming about was making it into a movie adaptation, well that was now really a far thing from being granted. Anyway, it was one of my happiest moments, and a real moment on the spotlight that caught my weakness in the midst of appreciation.

Now I'm going to enumerate everyone and one thing that made it into possibility.

To SM Center Pasig, thank you so much for accepting me with arms wide open . I never imagined a prestigious mall like SM would care for a small aspiring individual like me. I have roamed around your mall and have seen small businesses come budding to become successful tenants and even put up more branches in other SM establishments. They have a good heart and I can't thank you enough for making my Book Launching event a memorable one. #iloveSM because #SMcares.

Behind this successful event is Ms. Shynne Remendo of Marketing Department at SM, a very hardworking lady who never missed a bit info and an effort I have never seen from a stranger. Now I consider her to be a friend I can count on. Thank you Ms. Shynne. (pronounced as Shane hihihi) Oh, also thank you for designing my event backdrop. Loved it.

To the ever gorgeous host Marylaine Viernes. From the start we've talked at Calvary School I knew a great friendship would come close to it, but I never thought that you will be the one to put me on this level--- level of overwhelming gratitude, level of close to infinite success, level of where I could have a moment I can call my own... Thank you so much for having a kind heart and seeing potential in my writing capabilities. Mary is the first one to buy my book, she even knocked on our gate just to get copies of Innocence in Time and told me that she will give me a book launching event. And now it ended with a huge smile and a huge heart for each and everyone who graced my event. Thank you Sis Mary.

Visit Marylaine's website Mary The Host

Now the fun part.... Thank you to my husband Mhoi and two kids for being with me, this is the first time I went to the mall and sit without them beside me but felt their presence to be my comfort zone when I had nervousness creeping in my veins. I love you so much. Yep, that was fun for me Lol... My husband have not witnessed my tears in front of the audiences, twice, because my dearest son Tristan is an unstoppable kiddo who loves to run everywhere. He is loving SM Center Pasig I guess.

To my Mama and Papa, sister Charie and brother Nelson, thank you so much. You know I need not enumerate how I appreciate simple things and great things coming from you, now I can talk without pausing due to teary eyed moments, I do thank you from the bottom of my heart. Iloveyou

To Mama Yette, sis Enang, Lito, Nonong, sis Mags, baby Rome,  Denise and Joseph, thank you all for your support. muchmuchlove

My relatives from Pateros, Taguig, Makati and Cavite, my close friends Luchie, Flor, Jommel, Weng, Jepot, Froi (yes I saw you glowing at the back hehe), my high school batchmates Grace and Nena Cel (who even came to see me with her crutches) to my new found friends- the bloggers from the north and south (enumerated below with their links), Charyn,  Jons, Ais and Heart and to Mr. Rajan from Books on Demand... a very very big thank you to all.

And to all who wished me good luck on this event on social medias and text messages, thank you thank you.

The fun word in my Innocence in Time Book Launching is called SPONSORS. Actually I can't remember how many giveaways we have raffled off but I assure you dear book owners that I still have some items here to give you as an online giveaway.

The following are my generous sponsors and also are tenants at SM Center Pasig:

·       CD-R King & Mobile King – the country’s leading supplier of computer & phone accessories, office necessities plus a whole lot more!

·     Classic Savory, the best fried chicken and the tastiest meals in town! They are also one of the pioneers of SM Pasig, here since 2006.

·    Pazzo Rollio, The Rolling Pizza – the first of its kind, giving you fresh, delicious pizza and an exciting dining experience too!   
Photo credits: SM Center Pasig

·  Dippin Dots Ice Cream – Giving you more than 2,000 reasons to be happy, with their world class ice cream in different flavors. Small dots that give you big flavor and happiness!

·       Walter Bread – the leading bread available in SM Hypermarkets nationwide, especially at the SM Center Pasig Hypermarket! They offer only the freshest baked breads and goodies for the entire family to enjoy.

·      Pink Parlour – home of painless waxing and spray tanning. A global brand also found in Singapore, Malaysia and other parts of Asia. You got to try to believe the amazing beauty services only they can provide. 
Photo credits: SM Center Pasig

·      Super InPLAYtables – the happiest place to be for kids and the kids at heart!

·    Krispy Kreme – one of the newest global brands soon to open in SM Center Pasig! 

My other SPONSORS who are not tenants at SM Center Pasig but really gave their full support in 
giving smiles to my audiences:

 Candeee - Home of the Delicious Graham Balls
Thank you my dear sister-in-law Candy Castro for the awesome graham balls, 
highly recommended. Now available for delivery within Metro Manila.

Mouth-watering Burgitos and babalik-balikan Gourmet Tuyo Pasta
You may visit them at Greenwoods Executive Village
Thank you Kuya Noel Mate for the delicious 100 mini burgers (burgitos)

The only Espresso Book Machine in South East ASia
A big thanks to Mr. Ravee Rajan for providing copies 
for my dear bloggers

Thank you for printing my beautiful 
Book Launching backdrop

The best polymer clay creations.
Thank you so much Ms. Lovelyn Lim Gonzales for
the Innocence in Time merchandise. 

Home of Burgers and Patties
Available now for deliveries within Metro Manila.
Thank you Ms. Ais Vagilidad for the great tasting burgers.

Manulife Philippines
c/o Ms Jonamin Garlit - Financial Advisor
Thank you dear Jons and Manulife for giving away
five Personal Accident Insurance worth P25,000 for the whole year.
You don't know how grateful these recipients are. Thank you again.

And of course my dear friendly bloggers, thank you for being a part of my Book Launching event, I know some of you have other important things to do that day but still you attended. Super appreciated.

This is close to perfection na hahaha... any neat pics of us out there? 
please let me know so I can replace this

Here's the list of bloggers and their respective websites.

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6.  Erica Yu-B    
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7.  Ivan Stewart Saldajeno 
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8.  Rence Chan    
    Blog:  Collector's Connection
9.  Jeremy Emata
    Blog: High Gear Full Throttle
10. Angelyn Demo
    Blog: MommysMagLife
11. Marco Polo Demo
    Blog: Daddy Yashiro's Journal
12. Denise Rayala
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17. Lariza Garcia
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18. Bedalyn Aguas
    Blog: Mami and Family

I hope you had fun with the Book Launching event. Coming very soon is my International Giveaway. So watch out!

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Thank you all so much.

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