Monday, April 23, 2012

My ZALORA Wishlist

Having to choose from a wide variety of selection at is an overwhelming experience for a woman like me who used to shop here and there, anytime, when I was still single. Now I'm a mom of two kids and shopping for myself is the least of my priorities.  Thanks to Nuffnang Philippines and Zalora for this wonderful campaign of My Zalora Wishlist.

This contest runs from April 23 to May 23, 2012. Just in time for my birthday on May 29th and hopefully the items I have chosen for my wishlist would be granted.

Here are My Zalora Wishlists:

Size: Medium

I like this blouse because it's a V-neck and the wrap-around makes one slimmer.

Size: Secret( to be disclosed if chosen as a winner)

Hang Ten shorts fit me well. I love wearing shorts.

Size: M

I think this one is pretty cute, I hope it would fit me. I never worn a jumpsuit before, hope this one is destined to be mine.

Size: 7 (PH)

I always wanted to wear boots but I never bought one. This is such a beauty for me and perfect for the shorts that I picked.

Well, I like bags but I just chose a simple yet cheaper one. I love Kipling but it's too much for my wishlist.

That's it. My Zalora Wishlist and advance birthday wish as well.

Please do register at to get your free Php250 voucher.
Happy Shopping!

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