Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Finally Learned How to Make a Custard Cream

Re-posted from my old blog - December 2011

Two months ago, if I'm not mistaken, I joined the Nestle D'Lite Cream Challenge on Facebook. I posted photos of the two recipes I made using the said product, Chicken Afritada in a creamy d'lite sauce and Ground Pork and Fried Tofu in a creamy cheesy sauce. Both recipes have superb taste with the help of Nestle D'Lite cream.

Ground Pork and Fried Tofu in a creamy cheesy sauce

As usual the Facebook contest is about having more votes by Like counts. My Pork category recipe was picked by the Nestle organizers as my entry for the Cook-off challenge held at Nestle Center Rockwell Makati last October 27. It was a great experience and we get to meet two wonderful chefs Nancy Lumen and Tess of Nestle (thanks for the free Nestle Cookbook).

Nestle Creamy Delight Cook off winners with 
Chef Nancy Lumen and Chef Tess of Nestle

We were 7 participants at the time of the cook-off and became instant friends maybe because we all have the same interest: cooking. We simply connected with each other harmoniously. My instant friends were Imelda Tihume from Las Pinas, Christine Rivera from Cavite, Jags Calzadora from Muntinlupa, Maricel Quitalig from Bulacan, Ogie Asuncion and Cheng Aurelio. When it's time to announce the winners for the challenge we we're all amaze because Nestle declared us all to be winners and deserving of their prizes which include a Dinner for 2 worth 5,000pesos themed by Chef JJ Yulo of Pinoy Eats World and a 5-saturday Short Course Culinary Class at Enderun College, a famous university for Culinary courses not to mention a really expensive college.

Well, we started our culinary class on my son Tristan Lucian's 2nd birthday, November 12th from 9 in the morning until 12noon. We enjoyed a lot and ate a lot of course. Our recipes were not that easy because we get to fillet a unique fresh water fish and my nail was sliced 3 times, good thing my finger was not included, thanks to my thick nail. It was only the first day of class but I have learned a lot and of course the most exciting part for me was the dessert, we prepared Vanilla Mille-Feuille with Strawberries. I have attempted several times and failed and never get the taste I expected for my custard cream, but because of this culinary class Voila! my wish came true. And now this sweet recipe will always be on my gathering and party list and probably on ordinary days too.

Vanilla Mille-Feuille with Strawberries

Unfortunately for me, I wouldn't be able to attend the remaining classes anymore, though it's important for me and I really love learning new recipes but my kids are still my priority and if no one could look after them while I'm away for 4hours I'd rather stay home and be with them.

Sorry to my new found friends especially TinTin because she's my cooking partner and we really did well on the first day of cooking. Will surely miss them and I hope to see them also someday, probably on our dinner I guess.

Tintin Rivera, me and Imelda Tihume

Thanks to Nestle Philippines and Chef Thomas of Enderun College for the experience of doing what I love and maybe someday when my daughter and son are all grown-ups, opportunities like this for me will be of ease fulfillment.

It's a wrap. Gotta catch some sleep. If you want a copy of the recipes, just leave a comment with your email add and i'll send it to you.

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