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My SEXY Revolution Starts NOW

My weight struggle started after I gave birth to my first child way back 2007.
this is me a few months before getting pregnant (25 inches)

From my usual 110 lbs when I was still single, I gained 26 lbs during my pregnancy, but of course, I never mind that at all, I just wanted my baby to be healthy and so was she.

my 2yr old daughter Mishka (2009)

I underwent a Ceasarian procedure, thanks to my husband when asked about the style, he mentioned bikini, good thing the doctors asked. Everyday I would wear a girdle so I can move with minimal pain and can carry my daughter most of the time, and also for my tummy to be firm. I barely eat during the first two weeks after giving birth because my sensitiveness to food smell is still there. After that, I started munching up junk foods, coffee and more on food deliveries during night time because that's when my daughter is awake. So they say, if you have little sleep-time that's when you eat much.. for me it's true.. I gained more weight then, and one day I saw myself as if I'm still pregnant and people began noticing and asking me if I was pregnant... Secretly of course that hurts.. I don't feel any confidence and beauty at all. I said to myself, it's time to reduce weight, go on a diet and bring back the figure I used to love.

October 2006 ,with my Aunt and Balikbayan cousin and friend

I searched the internet of the fastest way I can regain my weight back. Had exercised 15 minutes a day for 2 weeks only and I stopped only to discover myself pregnant again. That was April 2008. I had my check up on my OB-Gynecologist and had an ultrasound.

yep, I was misdiagnosed at the Medical City

The result says that I have an Ectopic pregnancy, having to see a small thingy in my fallopian tube made it scary for me. The doctors advised me to undergo a procedure because pregnancy wouldn't be successful anyway. The day of my operation April 12th, if I remembered it right, I was waiting at the emergency delivery room at Ospital in Makati and the doctor did an ie (internal exam? they do it if you're pregnant,which really hurts) and did some pushing on my abdomen and told me that I have to be on the operating room at once.

 from Ectopic pregnancy to Oosphorocystectomy

I woke up around midnight after the procedure and my bikini cut was again hurting. I said to myself, I am never going to be slim again because I can't move to exercise again for a long time. I remembered crying that time because I missed my daughter a lot, she's just 6 months then. After a few minutes in recovery area a doctor approached me and advised me that I will be transfered to another room, and telling me that I shouldn't be there with other sick people because I'm still pregnant.. what the?! Yes, what the hell was that? They told me that the mis-diagnosed Ectopic pregnancy, was an ovarian cyst, I underwent a procedure call Oosphorocystectomy? I don't know if that's the correct spelling, anyway, I was shocked and at the same time felt bad because I know pregnant women shouldn't be undergoing surgery while on their critical first quarter, mine was 4weeks I think. And sadly, the next day I had a miscarriage.

That part where I was so devastated and at the same time everything hurts. grrrr! whenever I remember those times I would just close my eyes and count, to ease the nightmare I had. Well, that's past already, I should forget the bad experiences.

Months after, I tried drinking Biguerlai Tea, and it helped me a lot because it makes you go the comfort room several times and makes me feel like I'm losing weight, though physically not obvious. And because I felt immune with it and nothing is happening, I stopped and try Slimming Green Tea, again same result, but this time I resumed with my love for cooking.. So I ate more and stopped drinking any teas.

Come February 2009, I was pregnant again, so diet no more, instead eat more. I gained a lot more lbs compared to my previous pregnancy. I remembered weighing 150lbs. OMG! I love eating Tapsilog (beef strips, fried rice and egg)almost everyday. My Ob-Gyne told me to stop eating rice on my 8th month because my tummy is indeed bigger. I gave birth to my son Tristan Lucian Arthas on November 2009,again CS.

Tristan Lucian Arthas

I decided that I will start taking pills if my OB tells me it's the right time to take it, because I felt something bad when I was in the operating table, felt like I won't make it, I'm so scared even though my whole body is still numb and I can feel my body shaking while they are pulling out Tristan, I'm conscious at that time and saw a reflection on a big stainless light in front of me. I had experienced shortness of breath and chills and something in my throat that wants to come out. But I controlled my nervousness and counted, I said to myself, I will not die here in this table and I was calmed down and slept. After three days from confinement at the Medical City, had a check up because my legs were bigger than they used too... I had pre-eclampsia..OMG! They told me that I have to undergo several injections to prevent me from having seizures, it's a deadly scary too.

Tristan's Christening(Dec.2009) a month after giving birth

looks like a bump..

So much for the drama... I'm blogging about bringing my sexy back my beloved readers... I've been advised by my OB that pills are not for me as it has Estrogen that could kill a person with hypertension, so I go for injectible contraceptive that is Depotrust. Some of you may know it's major negative side effect - water retention and weight gain...Simply devastated and I know that I have no choice for that, I needed contraception and with it is the thought that I'll never be regaining my old figure.. (sigh)and there's more weight to expect. OMG! for that again.

Christmas 2010

November 2011, with bloggers Michelle Martinez and Janaki Garcia 
during Smart Parenting Meet & Greet

Even though it will be a positive thing that I will gain more, I still have not given up my will to reduce weight. I tried slimming drinks again, 7 days Brazilian Slimming Coffee, Kankunis Herbal Tea, Leisure Slimming Juice with Leptin, Leisure 18 Slimming Orange and Mango Juice and Biguerlai. At first, I was happy with its results but when my body becomes immune with what I was drinking, it has no effect at all.

this is what I'm currently drinking

Now, weighing this (63) much is not at all healthy for me, physically and emotionally. Every time we go out, I see to it that my stomach is covered with bag while malling, I would carry my son and that's relieving for me even if he's heavier than he used to. My self confidence is on level 3 on the scale 1 to 10 (being the highest)

2011, good thing I have Chef Nancy to cover me LOL

another bulge-cover-up

March 2012(that's a lot for a side view)

April 2012(inhale)

I saw some products of body trimming on Home TV Shopping and also on the internet that I'm this close to purchasing, but still thought it might not work. The Ab-Roller, Steam-O something, Ultimate Body Applicator, the swing-this-and-that product... Oooooh! how I wish there would be an effective way for me to bring back my waistline and hips, less bulges.

the figure I used to love (2006)

Would SEXY Solutions by Belo help me with my huge -weight and figure- problem? That made me into thinking if it will work for me. I'm a hopeless case and I don't know what to do anymore. I need to bring my SEXY back!

Maybe SEXY Solutions by Belo can help me? Let's see!

Sexy Solutions is a non-invasive fat reduction clinic that has machines that can (1) melt fat in stubborn places, (2) tighten loose skin and (3) tone muscle. This is of great help when you have that sagging skin on your belly after a successful diet, because the irritating-to-look-at belly skin will be tightened and at the same time muscles will be toned-up, that would result into a firmer sexier you. (I'll be needing a sponsor for this LOL)

Sexy Solutions also has an in-house consultants that can help us with the nutrition and fitness regimen like those related to dieting that worked but the body seems to be in slow-motion because of less food and more activities. Sexy Solution's nutritionist can point us towards a healthy way of losing weight.

Is this a wake up call? A brighter light in a dark room? The hope for people like me, devastated with their weight and figure? Well, Belo's Sexy Solutions might work for me and for you. So let's start by visiting the nearest Belo Medical Clinic for consultations and it might just be the first step to a newer, confident, sexier and voluptuous YOU. My Sexy Revolution Starts NOW! I wanna be BELOfied!

In advance, I am thanking Nuffnang Philippines and Sexy Solutions in enlightening my frustrations, there's still hope under pressure.

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