Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Kids Love the New Johnson's Baby Cooling Bath

Bath time is fun with the New Johnson's baby cooling bath.
Its natural honeysuckle extract helps cool and soothe your baby's skin,
that's why he feels refreshed and invigorated. (back label)

My kids grew up bathing with Johnson's Milk Bath, and Top-To-Toe Wash as well as Baby Bath for the longest time now. Then I found this new color of Johnson's baby bath on the supermarket rack at SM Megamall.  It's a baby cooling bath?... oh! perfect for my kids who always seem to be sweating even if we're in an air-conditioned room.

My kids loved it. My 4yr old daughter even asked me while she was taking a bath "Mommy what's that (while I was shampooing her hair) I love it, it's cold, what's that?" and I answered "It's Johnson's baby cooling bath" she replied "I'm not a baby Mommy, see I'm big girl, big tummy" LOL

They looked refreshed and smells so good. I don't know how to explain its scent,  it's like a breath of fresh air, or sea breeze... I just love it so much and will continue to use this on my kids and I might use this for myself too.

This is the answer to summer heat for your children because the fresh feeling stays even after bathing. A new bathing experience for them.

Available in leading supermarkets. Limited Edition: Buy 300ml bottle for the price of 200ml  only P81.75
Disclaimer: I paid for this product and this review is through my own experience.

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