Thursday, May 17, 2012

From Serenitea to Take Care by Garnier

My best friend, Luchie craves much for Serenitea Hokkaido Milk Tea, and I was wondering what charm does Serenitea have that she went loco over it in the hours where people are supposed be sleeping, 9:00PM.

She fetched me and we went to look for it's branch at the Eastwood City. We parked at the 24 hour parking at Eastwood Mall only to discover that Serenitea is a bit far from where we at. It's location is at the Cyber Mall just fronting the entrance to the Eastwood City. Well, it's just fine, we get to walk on a weekend night, I think it's a holiday if I am not mistaken, and there were lots of people in the Tiangge area.

She treat me with Hokkaido Milk Tea, their bestseller I heard, with black pearls, I don't know their own name for these pearls but they we're called Sinkers.

Bought also peppercorn which you would definitely love, the taste of saltiness and some spices that will make you want to bite for more. I ordered Chicken Chop to-go for my husband, and we went crazy eating it at home, we love the crunchy leaves, probably it's basil leaves? Anyway, it just tastes good.

Once you order and paid, the cashier will give you this coaster with a timer in it, indicating your order is ready at the counter when the light goes up. Nice idea!

We went to Serenitea again, this time it's just me who bought for to-go, because we just ate at Tokyo Tokyo. I took home again Hokkaido but with white sinkers, nata de coco it is, and their another bestseller Winter Melon Milk Tea for my husband as well as the Chicken Chop. 

I noticed on their counter this Garnier Giveaway, that says just ask, and of course, I asked the cashier. She gave me 2 sample sachets of Garnier Pure Active Multi-Action Scrub.

This New Garnier Pure Active Muti-Action Scrub fights the six signs of acne (fate led me to notice their promo) which were enumerated as follows:

1.  Pimples
2.  Whiteheads
3.  Oiliness
4.  Enlarged Pores
5.  Impurities
6. Unevenness

It contains Purifying Salicylic Acid, one of the most efficient anti-bacterial actives that helps control oil and reduces imperfections. HerbaRepair, a natural origin active ingredient from blueberry extract with regenerating and repairing properties for anti-dullness action.

The back label also says it's dermatologically tested on Asian acne-prone skin.

This Garnier Pure Active Multi-Action Scrub sampling started last May 1st and ends June 30,2012. So what are you waiting for, proceed to your favorite Serenitea branch and ask for this freebie now. The Garnier flyer can also be used to avail 10% discount for every purchase of 100ml Pure Active Scrub at any Shopwise and Rustan's branch. Valid until September 2012. 

You get to refresh from your cravings for Serenitea and at the same time you'll experience this new Garnier breakthrough in fighting the 6 skin problems.

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