Friday, November 9, 2012

Layla Grayce's New Shopping Experience

It's nice looking at something new and refreshing to the eyes especially if they have a lot to offer you. I'm talking about Layla Grayce's newly redesigned website.  It's fresh and inspiring new look will hook you up to a brighter and feel-good shopping experience.

Layla Grayce has also added new features for you to get easy access to some products before purchasing. You can now check customer reviews to read firsthand information on product experiences and weigh in on your favorite purchases. 

Also you can test drive a new look with brand new design board where you can mix and match different items until you decide what's perfect for your taste before purchasing it. When you seem to lack inspiration, visit the redesigned  Backroom Blog. You'll find there different ideas that will inspire and inform you to get a jumpstart on you next project.  

Have Fun!   Be sure to visit the newly designed Layla Grayce website today!

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