Friday, January 4, 2013

Post Happy New Year Post

Is it a Belated Happy New Year greeting? Maybe yes, and maybe no. It is New year for the whole month for me... Waiting to adjust from the long vacation of my husband and daughter, waiting for my aggressiveness to blog and now I am starting it... hopefully continuously (",), doing my checklist for the whole month and for the year for long term plans.. Distance myself from all the foodie, parties that will come as we stretch this year long like a snake.

To tell you frankly my dear readers, 2012 mostly had bad memories for me and my family, mother side and father side, and some of my friends too. Sad as it is losing a loved one, add up the nth times we visited and stayed at the hospital because of my kids, I can say that it's a very stressful, hypertension-trigger year for me. Of course, for some of you who can relate to my situation would know what I wanted and is wishing this new year...  peace of mind. I know you need it too. Well, I hope this year better be a good one for all of us. If only I have that power to turn the wrong things to good ones, we'll all be happier now.

Be positive.
Be contented.
If you're wishing for a change, make it happen. Miracles only happen to people who deserves it. Get up and work, work, work now, whatever it is you're supposed to do, DO IT NOW!

Happy New Year! Be Merry & Prosperous

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