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In our lives, as an individual female human being, there comes a time when not every thing matters. Not even yourself. It's just going to be them always, your kids and your husband. The 'Me' time is out of the question, you no longer shop for yourself, to buy clothes, shoes, accessories like you used to; you can't go out to watch a movie with your friends; you can't just go the salon and do your hair and nails... In short, you have no more time to pamper yourself and experience the happy-go-lucky you were, instead it's all about your family.

As a mother to my two adorable kids, Mishka and Tristan, it's a priceless thing to be with them 24/7. Being with your kids will never be a boring time at all because of their restlessness, naughty deeds, tricky gestures etc. name it they'll do it. It was never a feeling of regret for me that I won't be able to do the things I used to do when I was still single. I know I have to make sacrifices even if it means not having fun on the outside world.

There were times I am out of sync, almost to the point of going crazy because of the things that are piled up in front of me; the washing of the clothes, cleaning of feeding bottles, cooking, cleaning the room, not to mention the daily routine of bathing the kids and tending to their every needs. So exhausting! But when time comes that you're alone for just a minute or two, maybe in the bathroom or just drinking water downstairs, you will still smile and realize there's nothing to complain about, for you have done the most rewarding job of all.The hugs and kisses they give you can never be replaced and it would just ease every negative feelings you may ever have.

When you say, you are a full time mom, you won't say the 'just' word, like you are belittling yourself wherein you are everything everyone depends on. Always take pride when you say the words that you are, for you have all the means and ways to experience the essence of being a mom, the wife and woman.

A mom is called this label because of respect and strength that she possesses.  The wife, because of her patience and understanding in all aspects of marriage life. Woman, because of being a plain creation of God, she has to put up with all the expectations that has been carried over her shoulders.  The things we do for our family has never been because of responsibility or obligation or that being a mother or wife, but because it is in our instinct and will that we do the things we're meant to do.  The sacrifices will no longer be sacrifices if we carry it lightly and accept it as a blessing in disguise because if we have not done what we're supposed to do as a mom and a wife, we won't be experiencing the happiness and fulfillment of being with a family that will love you no matter what. If you have considered it a burden of not being able to enjoy life outside, then you're not worthy of their love, because you see them as a hindrance to your dreams where in fact they should be your dream-come-true.  Hypocrite are those who are saying they have not wished of having a family of their own. Everyone needs it. It made us who we are and what we are and where we are right now.

So for all the mothers out there, who have embraced this life knowing there are obstacles and imperfections in family relationships, but still be able to make everything run smoothly within the confines of our home, a big, BIG THANKS to all of you.  As the saying goes, 'Mawala na ang tatay sa bahay, wag lang ang nanay' is indeed true, but take note that behind every successful family especially children lies the presence of a father, for a family consists of it, always remember that.  But I'm not in negation to those single moms who have raised a wonderful child, somehow they've been with a father-figure if not their biological father, for a woman have not grown up without a man in her life, be it an Uncle, a Godfather or a family friend, there is always someone like them to look up to.

I hope this article I wrote have opened up some thoughts in you that everything is a blessing to us and that everything happens for a reason.  For all the male species that read this, thanks for your time, and I hope you'll somehow be more careful and more loving handling your family, realizing that we, moms and wives, are not SUPERWOMAN, we just have to do what we're supposed to do even if it means carrying the whole refrigerator and washing machine as the need arises. We consider these 'sacrifices' no longer sacrifices when it is appreciated with kisses and hugs and sweet nothings.

Happy New Year to all! Start 2012 the right way.

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