Thursday, March 29, 2012

Affordable & Convenient Firmoo Eyewear Promo

Firmoo Optical Online Store offers new affordable and convenient promos now. You can choose between the following:
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Click on the Free for New Buyers promo on their website.  Choose from a wide variety of eyewear and it's yours for Free, you just have to pay for the shipping charges.

Code: #BC81148

dimensions can be seen with every style

Another option is to Buy 2 Pairs or more to avail of the Worldwide Free Shipping.

Firmoo Eyewear price ranges from $8 - $70, so choose wisely.
Here are some of their top seller eyewear:

Code: #OTO2325

Code: #LF6359

Code: #OTO2355

Code: #YD6314

Code: #CSMY8229

Code: #CSMY8023

Code: #OTO2560

Code: #BC81161


For inquiries and immediate response, please visit their FIRMOO Facebook Page.

Happy Shopping!

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