Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My Zalora Pick of the Day 8/15

This morning I had my 2nd order at and used my Zalora Ambassador discount coupon, I hope it gets delivered today as I'm excited to join their Twitter contest. Anyway, I'll post the item later.

For momsykulitz pick of the day, this is included in the UnderP999 category, different items to choose from which you can use in your daily beauty routine. Here we go:

Brand: Wellspring
Model: Natural Elements -Compact

I'm not a fan of green color but this one caught my attention. Didn't get it right away what this is for, I'm shocked that this gorgeous-looking piece is a compact mirror. Well, ladies, you glamorous ladies, this is a must-buy-item to be included in your beauty pouch. The price is cheaper if you compare it to famous brands, but I love this item because it has a touch of nature in it and I love nature. This comes in different colors. Want this item? 

Proceed to and you can avail this product with 5% discount using my special coupon code below

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