Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Random Thoughts: Certified Moms and Wives

I have been hanging out a lot in this Facebook page for Filipina mothers and wives called Certified Moms and Wives. 

Certified Moms and Wives FB page

It is a page for women who have kids already, are pregnant and wives trying to have one.  It deals with everything under the sun, what a mother wants, their problems, sharing advises, giving solutions, supporting each other, on parenting , on being a mother, a single mother and on being a wife.

I had seen myself in others, same worries every mother feels and how they cope with it. It's nice to know that a typical, smart, business-minded housewife like Jonamin 'Jons' Garlit, would create a bright page for women like us. I would've thought of it but might not have time make it grow like this. The Certified Moms and Wives page just started March 2012 and has 736 members now and counting. We have 43 new members this week. Any member of this Facebook page can add her friends and relatives as long as they possess what this page is all about. And those non-members may ask to join the group, just wait for Mommy Admin Jons to add you.

There will be an upcoming reunion for this awesome group of ladies some time in September 2012. It will be it's 2nd reunion, hopefully this one will have a larger group of attendees unlike the first reunion because I know this time, more moms and wives are getting involved/in-love with the group and would want to personally see each others 'dyosa' (goddess-like) faces soon.(",)

So my dear readers, if you are a mother and a wife, come and visit our page Certified Moms and Wives and just ask to be entered.  You are always welcome and can share anything your heart desires. Secrets are also welcome.

Good luck on your daily journey!

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