Sunday, July 22, 2012

ZFiles: Zalora Rainy Day Fashion

It's still the wettest season of the year and everybody shouldn't forget protection from the rain,may it be an umbrella, raincoat or boots etc. But never forget to look fab even if you seem to just went out of the bathroom with your hair all dripping with water and your uncovered legs have patches from water sprinkler. Here are some Zalora items that would definitely help you look your best even if there's a storm trying to ruin your locks and braids.

Fashionable coats from

Coats and slim fit pants/jeans are perfect get-up on this rainy season

Brand: Museum 
Item name: Maurice
Description: box pleated skirt with lining and double
silver buckle on the waistband 
Price: P1,085

I chose to wear this kind of shortskirt during rainy season, I am not comfortable with jeans or slacks soaking wet like you've just been pushed in a swamp carrying a heavy load on the lower part of your pants. Can you imagine that? So I recommend this very chic skirt for your office or just for hanging out in the mall.

Brand: W
Black ruffledwrap sleeveless with
garterized waist line
Price: P2,000

This blouse/top could be worn under your coat, feels comfortable and would just match perfectly the shortskirt above, tucked in.

Visit Zalora for more of these gorgeous finds.
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Zalora is not your ordinary on-line shop, it has your famous brands like Bayo, Nike, Folded and Hung, Hang Ten, Bench, Havaianas and more. They've got all the members of your household covered. From Kids shoes, to Mommy Blouses and Home accessories.

No need to worry about anything once you purchased an item, you may call Zalora customer service anytime for inquiries at 02-8580777. Did I mention they have Free shipping nationwide? Yup, it's for free. There's even a 30-day policy on returns as long as you fill out the Return voucher, state your reason and attach the receipt.

Enjoy shopping at Zalora.
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